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Integrated Water Resources Management in the Kabul River Basin

Integrated Water Resources Management project in the Kabul River Basin is financed by the Ministry of Energy, Iran. It consists, among other things, of the following elements: 1) Water resources assessment including assessment of the water availability in time and space and the water demands in the different sectors, 2) Setting up a river basin model for the basin, and 3) Proposal for future water development projects to meet the water requirements by different water users in the basin. The latter involves simulation and optimization of a number of scenarios based on proposed projects and development options.
Afghanistan, 2003-2005

Barind area irrigation model

In order to optimise groundwater and surface water use for irrigation purposes a groundwater model as well as a management information system is developed covering the Barind area. Among other issues the system is used to investigate the impact on the water balance from installation of a number of deep tubewells in the area.
Bangladesh, 2006

North Bengal Groundwater Project

The North Bengal Groundwater Project focuses on water management for irrigation purposes with special attention on impact of groundwater pumping from shallow and deep wells.
Bangladesh, 2003-2004

Study of Sediment Deposition Pattern and Sediment Management in the reservoir of Sankosh HEP

Reservoir sedimentation study for a Himalayan storage scheme located in Bhutan. The study included systematic analyses of field data for assessment of sediment load (including rare events such as GLOFs and large landslides) and long-term modelling of deposition pattern.
Bhutan, 2010

Thorsa River, Phase II

Detailed feasibility study of stabilization of the Amochu River in Bhutan.
Bhutan, 2006-2007


Hydrological study, 1D and 2D modelling, preliminary design of river training and land reclamation works, cost estimation and economic analysis.
Bhutan, 2005-2007

Brunei Drainage Master Plan

The overall objective of the Drainage Master Plan is to provide a long term strategy for reduction of impacts of flooding and flood liability on individuals, and by reducing losses resulting from flooding. The study will be the benchmark for floodplain and urban drainage management in Brunei.
Brunei, 2004-2006

North West Irrigation Project - River Basin and Water Use Studies Pack 2

The project is a component of the Northwest Irrigation Sector Project (NWISP), implemented by MOWRAM, with support from Asian Development Bank (ADB). It has the overall objective of supporting the effort of the Royal Government of Cambodia to reduce poverty in rural areas of northwest Cambodia through enhanced agricultural production. The immediate objectives are to improve the use of water resources and to take advantage of the potential for irrigated agriculture. The project covered the Dauntri and Boribo Sub-basins of the Tonle Sap Basin, aiming 'to provide a framework leading eventually to institutional means for installing a scientifically informed approach for management of water quantity and quality in the target river sub-basins'.
Cambodia, 2006

Development of Flow Rules for the Mekong River

A part of the Water Utilization programme (WUP) at MRC, is concerned with development of water sharing rules for the Mekong river. This particular project s examines the details of the cause and effects of one important part of the river, namely the flow reversal in the Tonle Sap river.
Cambodia, 2004

Mekong Flood Mapping for 2003

The project involves design and development of a system, which automatically carries out hydraulic modelling and produces flood maps for the rivers, and flood plains of Cambodia. The MIKE 11 and MIKE 11 GIS models used haves been developed through various projects for the Mekong River Commission Secretariat (MRCS).
Cambodia, 2003

Mekong Basin Development Plan Phase 2 - Reformulation

Reformulation of second phase of the Mekong Basin Development Plan with a view to reach an agreement with the Mekong River Commission on the (i) overall objective, strategy and content of BDP2, (ii) strategy and modalities for continued Danish and other donor cooperation with MRC on the BDP and (iii) the alignment of the BDP with MRC's overall strategic plan.
Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam, 2006

Beijing Water Environment Project II

Assistance for assessment of the development in the wetlands in the Beijing area with respect to quantity and quality. Experimental designs for analysis of the function of the wetland in artificial as well as natural areas. Recommendation for policy and strategy for protection and restoration of wetlands in the Beijing Area. The project comprises two main areas of tasks - policy advice and management and institutional strengthening. Task 1 and Task 2 will deal with the area in Beijing's administrative region, while Task 3 will deal with the urban area.
China, 2008

Modelling study for Rudong LNG Facility

For the establishment of design wave conditions, the 21 most severe cyclones from the period 1950 to 2003 were selected for wave hindcast. Due to strong tidal variations, dynamic water level variations were accounted for in the wave modelling. For the hydrodynamic modelling, MIKE 21 FM was applied, while MIKE 21 SW was applied for the wave modelling.
China, 2004-2005

Songhua Flood Management and Forecasting Project

Flood management and forecasting, decision support system, web technology, ArcGIS SDE, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, DHI Software
China, 2004-2005

Flow Forecast for Three Gorges Reservoir

An inflow forecasting system to the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River including decision support on the dam operation
China, 2004-2006

Carrying Capacity of Water Resources in HaiHe Basin

The GIS based MIKE BASIN model was established and used for optimization of the water utilization. Methods were developed for estimation of the needed water quantity and quality for protection of the environment. Evaluation of trade-off between water for environmental protection and for urban/industrial/agricultural development interests.
China, 2003-2004

Tianjin Flood Forecast

Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau is implementing a GIS and Water Quality Modelling and Water Basin Monitoring Information System. . DHI is providing the MIKE 11 model, WQ-modelling and Training.
China, 2003-2004


A decision support system (DSS) is established for optimizing water resource allocation and management of water quality in the Yamuna river system. MIKEBASIN is used for water resources assessment and gives input to a MIKE11WQ model for details on the river water quality.
India, 2009-2010

Hydraulic study for GIFT Project

DHI carried out a modelling study for a planned Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT) between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. The study involved determination of design flood levels, design of barrages to create a waterfront at the GIFT City through hydrological and hydraulic modelling, a study of the potential sedimentation problems associated with the barrages, water quality issues and the drainage system around the city.
India, 2008-2009

Tamil Nadu Integrated Coastal Zone Management, India

The coastline of Tamil Nadu has a length of more than 1000 km. The key deliverables are: status of land use, mapping of coastal vulnerability, sectoral activity plan, IZCM plans, special area management plans and training and dissemination activities.
India, 2007-2009

GMR Hydro Power Project

Support to DHI India for estimation of snow generated run-off to reservoir and evaluation of reservoir sedimentation.
India, 2006-2007

Andhra Pradesh Flood Forecasting, Second Phase

Second Phase of Andhra Pradesh hazard mitigation and emergency cyclone recovery project First Phase 2003). Completion of automatic real time forecast system.
India, 2006

Swan River Flood Management Project

An integrated land use and flood management project was carried out for the Swan River in Himachal Padesh, India. Analysis of river hydraulics, flood extent was made and integrated with land use and sociological aspects.
India, 2005

India Hooghly Estuary

Proof consultancy of the sedimentation study undertaken by NIOT in Hooghly Estuary, Haldia Docks, India for Kolkatta Port Trust
India, 2003-2004

Dadar Beach

Dadar - Prabhadevi Beach in Mahim Bay, Mumbai is one of few public beaches in Mumbai. The quality and the area of the beach have been steadily degrading due to in-appropriate building of houses and compound walls too close to the beach, combined with the natural erosion of the beach. A group of concerned citizens represented by P.K. Das & Associates has prepared a restoration project, which includes nourishment of the existing beach in order to widen the beach area. P. K. Das & Associates has commissioned DHI Water & Environment (DHI) to make a coastal study including wave and hydraulic modelling with the objectives of studying beach stability and providing design data for the new beach. Recommendations of grain size, beach slope and beach orientation for the new beaches has been listed in the report.
India, 2003

Tanjung Priok Port Numerical Modelling

Aanalysis of sediment plume and maintenance dredging in connection with extension of Tanjung Priok Port in Indonesia
Indonesia, 2005-2006

Flare Causeway Stability Test, Tombak

3D physical wave basin tests ensured a basis for a safe and reliable design of the large three-legged breakwater flare causeway structure. Through stability tests including more than 13,000 ARCCROPODE? armour units the initial breakwater roundhead design was improved by changes made.
Iran, 2008

Marun River Basin Management Project, Phase I

Development of a management plan and real-time operation system for the reservoirs in the Marun River Basin.
Iran, 2005-2008

Flood and Debris Flow in the Caspian Coastal Area

Master plan and feasibility study for control of flood and debris flow along the Caspian Coast area in Golestan, Iran
Iran, 2005-2006

Real-Time Modelling of the Aras River and Establishment of DSS system of the Aras River Basin

Establishment of snowmelt, rainfall- runoff and water allocation modelling of the 100,000 km'2 Aras Basin, shared between Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Implementation of a Decision Support System for infrastructure operation to serve the various water users.
Iran, 2004-2005

Neka Harbour Development

Hydraulic studies were carried out to support the design of an oil harbour extension in the Caspian Sea. The studies included wave climate hindcast and transformation, wave agitation in the harbour, coastline development, sedimentation in the entrance channel, breakwater model tests, and ship manoeuvring simulations.
Iran, 2004-2006

Shahid Abbaspour Report Review

Review of three reports prepared by Lahmeyer International for the Khuzestan Water & Power Authority on the optimal utilisation of the Shahid Abbaspour reservoir on the Karun River
Iran, 2004

Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project (ISWM)

The purpose of the Iranian Seas Wave Modelling Project is to provide the Ports and Shipping Organisation of Iran with a database of design wave data for the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman.
Iran, 2003-2005

Aji Chai Reservoir

Study of salinity of inflow to reservoir and of alternative operation strategies aimed at flushing saline water from the reservoir
Iran, 2003-2004


The objective of the project is the establishment of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the whole Iranian coastline. It covers the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. DHI will prepare a methodology for the execution of the project and will furthermore support the preparation of a metadatabase as well as a database to be combined with GIS facilities. DHI will assist with the assessment of the environmental data and give general support to the project partners in the excution of the project. DHI is the only foreign partner in a Joint Venture with 5 Iranian Institutions with Sazeh Pardazi Iran Consulting Engineering Company (SPI) as the Project Manager. The client and funding organisation is the Port & Shipping Organisation in Iran.
Iran, 2003-2005

UNCC Instalment 4 Claim

assisted in the evaluation of impact to groundwater, wetlands and agricultural soils due to enhanced water extraction and related salinisation in Jordan caused by refugees from the Gulf conflict in 1990-1992. DHI has also assisted in the evaluation of impact on soil, wetlands and groundwater in Iran caused by black rain and smoke also related to the Gulf conflict.
Jordan and Iran, 2003-2004

AGIP Water Mass Dynamica

The objective is to obtain an overview of the overall hydrological and water mass dynamics in the Kashagan FFD Area by means of a tool able to simulate the following: - dynamic movement of water masses under the influence of time and space varying wind forcing; - water exchange between the Kashagan FFD area and the coastal waters; - dispersal of contaminants released from other industrial and human sources than Agip KCO; - dispersal of contaminants accidentally released by E&P activities; - areas of accumulation.
Kazakhstan, 2005

Syrdarya Control and Northern Aral Sea

Development of a hydraulic model of the Syr Darya River from Chardara reservoir to the Northern Aral Sea. The model included a fully dynamic description of the ice generation process.
Kazakhstan, Rep. Of, 2006-2008

Natural Backfilling in Pipeline Trench

Determine the rate and potential of natural backfilling of sand and fine sediments into project pipeline trenches in the North-East Caspian Sea for the development of the Kashagan Oil Field. This shall be used as a decision tool during construction.
Kazakhstan, Rep. Of, 2005

Al Khiran Pearl City Tide Gates

Model tests to document and optimise performance of tidal gates. The gates form part of an artificial lagoon system of new city development, and shall enhance flushing of the lagoons.
Kuwait, 2007

Wave Generating System for KISR, Kuwait

Supply of random wave generating system for wave flume and provision of consultation on model testing
Kuwait, 2005

Water and Energy - Knowledge sharing on sustainable development of hydropower in the lower Mekong region (2010)

The purpose of this activity was to improve knowledge sharing on hydropower and its impacts on environment and communities in the Lower Mekong Basin. Mapping of hydropower research in the countries were discussed at a workshop in Laos.
Laos, Mekong region, 2010

Sandakan District Stormwater Management Drainage Master Plan and Drainage Improvement Study

Drainage MastePlan
Malaysia, 2009-2011

NS3 Model of Kapar Power Station

The intake head for cooling water at Kapar Power Station is being relocated to a position about 200 m offshore. The entire system from the intake to the pumping house has been modelled in NS3 for evaluation of total head loss, sedimentation, and resonance
Malaysia, 2007-2008

Paya Indah Wetland - Training

Paya Indah Training - Malaysia. MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 training in connection with the wetland project Paya Indah Wetlands. Training in the use of the integrated model, and project help for updating the existing MIKE SHE - MIKE 11 model, and defining new scenarious.
Malaysia, 2006

Malaysia East Coast, Study Tour

Visit by vice minister to Europe to study coastal engineering. DHI was appointed as guide.
Malaysia, 2003

Detailed Studies on Tuas View Extension and Pulau Tekong Land Reclamation

Detailed studies of reclamation impacts on hydrodynamics, navigation, morphology, water quality, seagrass, mangrove, coral, aquaculture, fishery and dugongs.
Malaysia and Singapore, 2004

Erdenebulgan Hydro Power Plant

"The intake structure of the Erdenebulgan Hydropower Plant to be constructed in Mongolia has been analysed by DHI. Different designs of a sediment flushing structure were analysed including gates, pipes, and openings with stop logs. Calculations were carried out of annual sediment budgets in front of the intake and the efficiency of various sediment control solutions.
Mongolia, 2004

Cleaner production improved reports

DANIDA wishes to reduce man-hour for cleaner production surveys and reports. Reports must be redesigned for management and made more precise and easy to read. Reports shall be made decisions support material for the management.
Nepal, 2004

Salalah Port, Numerical Wave Modelling, Sultanate of

This study is the second phase of wave modelling for optimisation of the development of Salalah Port. The wave model (MIKE 21 BW) has to be recalibrated against recent wave recordings prior to simulating wave conditions for the suggested port development plans
Oman, 2007-2008

Siltation at Al Ashkhara Fishing Harbour

Estimation of siltation at Al Ashkharah Fishing Harbour in Oman using MIKE 21. Optimization of harbour layout using numerical and physical modelling.
Oman, 2007

Salalah Port Future Development

Investigations of port expansion scenarios and analysis of wave agitation, downtime at berth and coastline impact
Oman, 2005-2006

Salalah Port Rehabilitation and Expansion

Data collection and review, wave recording at site, wave transformation study, numerical study of wave agitation at berth, coastline impact study and sediment plume impact study
Oman, 2004-2005

Qatar-Bahrain Causeway. Monitoring of Waves, Current, Tide and Meteorology

Installation of equipment off-shore and on-shore. Service on instrumentation. Data processing and presentation. Client: COWI A/S, Lyngby, Denmark
Qatar, 2008

Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project

In connection with a major expansion of Ras Laffan Port in Qatar, which is one of the world's largest LNG port facilities, DHI conducted extensive mathematical wave modelling studies.
Qatar, 2007

Hydrographic Data Collection for Q-ChemII

Installation of equipment off-shore and on-shore. Collection of hydrograhic survey data. Data processing, presentation and reporting. Client: Daewoo E&C Ltd.
Qatar, 2006

Q-Chem II - Marine Survey and Research

Marine survey and research work in the coastal area outside the planned Q-Chem II plant, Qatar.
Qatar, 2006

Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project

2D and 3D breakwater stability and overtopping tests were carried out . All 2D tests were carried out with rock armour profiles, including also stability tests with construction profiles. All 3D tests were carried out with Accropodes as primary armour.
Qatar, 2006-2007

Ras Laffan Tender

The purpose of the study is to define alternative proposals for breakwater layout for the Ras Laffan Project. The End Client is Penta Ocean. Penta will use the new layout to put in an alternative tender for the project.
Qatar, 2005

Ras Laffan Harbour - Updating Master Plan for Ras Laffan Industrial City, Thermal Plume Study

Modelling study to assess the impact of a thermal plume inside an extended Ras Laffan harbour. A 3D mathematical model (MIKE 2 Flexible Mesh) describing the hydrodynamics and advection/dispersion of heat and salinity was established.
Qatar, 2004

Master Plan for Ras Laffan Port

Hydraulic investigations in connection with preparation of a 20-year master plan for Ras Laffan Port in Qatar to provide for major expansion of the port's gas and liquid product exports and imports of raw materials. DHI's work included review and analysis of recorded hydrographic data, numerical wave transformation modelling, numerical wave disturbance modelling, numerical current modelling and sedimentation assessment
Qatar, 2004-2005

AGIP-KCO Thermal Pollution

Assessment of thermal pollution and chemical impact on the Caspian Sea environment of cooling systems needed to refrigerate flash gas to be reinjected as part of the development of Kashagan Field. Application of MIKE 3 for thermal pollution and ecological/chemical risk assessment.
Rep. Of Kazakhstan, 2003

Historical and Extended Caspian Sea Forecast

Provision of water level and velocity hindcast data in 2003-2005. Extension of the operational Caspian Sea Water Level forecasts system to include 2D fields of velocities and meteorological forcing. Software sale of MIKE 21 PP.
Republic of Kazakhstan, 2005

Arabian Gulf Metocean Database

The overall objective of the project was to develop a database of the metocean conditions in the Arabian Gulf and a graphical user interface (GUI) for the database. The database contains and gives users access to metocean data and statistics of same within the Saudi Aramco operational area of the Arabian Gulf.
Saudi Arabia, 2010-2012

Environmental Impact Asessment for Disposal of Drilling Mud

EIA on impacts from drilling mud and drill cuttings in the Manifa bay area, where more than 20 new oil drilling sites will be stablished from 2009.
Saudi Arabia, 2008-2009

Manifa Causeway Project. Saudi Arabia - Model Tests of Perimeter Structures

Model testing in 3D wave basin to study and document the stability and wave overtopping conditions of perimeter revetments of artificial islands interconnected by causeways built to accommodate oil production facilities.
Saudi Arabia, 2007-2009

Causeway to Manifa Oilfield

Optimize layout of causeway in order to protect the marine environment. Zero solution approach with respect to water flow, salinity and temperature. Shrimp larvae is also a major concern.
Saudi Arabia, 2006

Shoaiba Recirculation

The potential for recirculation of salt and heat from the outlet of the Shoaiba power plant (proposed Phase III and existing Phase II and I) to the intakes has been investigated by using DHI's 3D hydrodynamic model, MIKE 3.
Saudi Arabia, 2005

Marine Survey for Recirculation Study - Shoaiba and Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia

In connection with the Shoaiba Independent Water and Power Project (Shoaiba IWPP) DHI has undertaken the marine survey of currents, temperature, and salinity and the recirculation modelling study.
Saudi Arabia, 2004

Shoaiba and Shuqaiq Recirculation Study

3D recirculation study and survey at Shoaiba and Shuqaiq power plants in the Red Sea.
Saudi Arabia, 2003-2004

Force on a VLCC from Cooling Water Outlet

The force on a moored ship due to the discharge from a cooling water outlet was estimated. 3D calculations with NS3.
Singapore, 2006

New Clifford Pier, Part II

Earlier studies of wave transmission through the New Clifford Pier pile breakwater, south central Singapore, revealed that the pile breakwater would provide insufficient protection for small passenger boats. To reduce the wave transmission, two alternative breakwater designs were investigated: a pile breakwater with a wave board and a curtain-type breakwater. The required height of the wave board/curtain is determined by 2D hydraulic model tests.
Singapore, 2004

Operational Wind and Wave Forecast Service for Construction of the Busan-Geoje Submerged Tunnel

The Busan-Geoje submerged tunnel is a 3.24km long immersed vehicular tunnel that will be constructed in a dredged trench at a maximum of 47m depth as a part of a new 8.2km motorway in South Korea. The owner of the project, G.K. Fixed Link Corporation, is a consortium of South Korea firms lead by Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company Ltd., which has been awarded the projects build/operate/transfer concession for a period of 40 years after the expected completion in 2010.
South Korea, 2007-2010

Busan - Geoje Tunnel Review

Review of model test result from tests with wave action on tunnel element and from tests with wave loads on bridge piers
South Korea, 2005

Intake/discharge Structures, Shin-Wolsong 1&2

DHI has investigated the intake and discharge systems and the essential service water system. The investigations were based on desk studies and physical model tests.
South Korea, 2003-2006

Intake/Discharge System/Structures, Shin-Kori 3 & 4

Hydraulic model test for submerged intake/discharge structures of Shin-Kori nuclear power plant, Units 3 and 4, Korea.
South Korea, 2003-2008

Shin-Kori Power Plant Discharge Structure, SKN 1&2

Conceptual design and model tests of submerged cooling water discharge system. The system includes two discharge ponds of 14x14m each, two submerged tunnels, each 5m in diameter, and a total of six diffuser structures placed on the seabed.
South Korea, 2003-2004

Multi-sector Water Resources Planning Project Sri Lanka

Water resources planning project implementing a nation-wide DSS with a GIS based Knowledge Base for water resources data and water allocation models. The DSS facilitates identification, evaluation and prioritization of water resources investment projects.
Sri Lanka, 2009

Animation of groundwater processes

An interactive animation tool for presentation of groundwater processes such as recharge, flow, draw down, transport of pollutants and saltwater intrusion is developed as part of training programme for groundwater managers.
Sri Lanka, 2006

LHI Spareparts - Wave paddles

Spareparts for Wave Paddles
Sri Lanka, 2006

Conceptual design of water treatment facility

Outline design, Flow and PI-diagrams, and cost estimations on budget level for water treatment plant on brewery.
Sri Lanka, 2003

Four Fishing Harbours

Determination of offshore and nearshore wave climate for four fishing harbours of the Oman coast of Gulf of Oman. Derivation and assessment of design wave conditions at the four fishing harbours. Assessment of sediment transport and wave agitation. Wave agitation simulations (MIKE 21 BW) and down-time estimate for revised fishery port layout at Seeb, Oman.
Sultanate of Oman, 2003-2007

Flood Modelling and Management for ESAN River Basin

Short and Medium Term Flood Forecasting and Management plus Water allocation modelling. Developed in a MIKE Customized environment.
Thailand, 2013-2014

Flood Management and Forecast Modelling for Greater Chaophraya River Basin

Water management system is based on MIKE Customised adapted to meet specific user requirements.The system incorporates a range of MIKE by DHI models.
Thailand, 2012-2013

Wang Flood Forecasting and Warning project

Setup of hydrological and hydraulic MIKE 11 forecasting models. Set-up and installation of MIKE FLOOD WATCH.
Thailand, 2009

Nakhon Sri Thammarat Flood Forecasting and Warning Project

Software and services
Thailand, 2009-2011

CHI-MUN Telemetry Project for DWR

Real-time flood forecasting, MIKE 11, MIKE FLOOD WATCH, data assimilation, GIS, web
Thailand, 2006-2007

Ping River Basin Flood Forecasting Project

Development of a real-time FLOOD WATCH flood forecasting system for Ping River Basin, Thailand.
Thailand, 2005

Ubol Ratana Dam - Flood Watch

Development of a real time forecasting system for the inflow forecasting to Ubol Ratane Dam in Thailand.
Thailand, 2005-2006

Cyclone Assessment in Gulf of Thailand

Analysis of historical cyclones of the Gulf of Thailand. Selection of most critical cyclone for hindcasting of waves and water level conditions at the bottom of the Gulf. Results to support design of 40km long bridge
Thailand, 2004-2005

Real time water quality forecast system

Implementation of a water quality decision support system in Bangkok for identification of polluters, gate control and forecast of water quality. The system combine advanced sensor technology and model updating in real time.
Thailand, 2004-2005

Chantabury Phase II

MIKE 11 DA, Floodwatch, Real-Time Flood Forecasting, Telemetry, GIS
Thailand, 2004-2005

Bangkok Flood Forecasting

Setup and customisation of the MIKE 11 hydrological and hydraulic models. Employment of MIKE 11 the data assimilation module for forecasting purposes. Setup and customisation of MIKE FLOODWATCH
Thailand, 2004-2005

Cyprus Water Supply Project

1) Hydrodynamic Experimental Investigations to support the design of the Cyprus Water Supply Project: Hydrodynamic Loads, Vortex Induced Vibration and Stability of the On-bottom to Free Span Transition. 2) Design Review of the preliminary and detailed engineering of the offshore section.
Turkey, 2005-2008

MCR-A Platform Model Tests

Physical model tests in the DHI offshore laboratory for a coupled system consisting of an installation barge and a Gravity Based Structure (GBS).
Turkmenistan, 2009

GBS Model Tests

Physical model tests in the DHI offshore laboratory for the wet tow, installation, and in-place conditions of a gravity base structure in the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan, 2007

Dam break analysis of five dams in the UAE

Dam break analyses using MIKE 21 FM
United Arab Emirates, 2010

KOPEC Thermal Plume Studies in UAE

Conceptual design, metocean, recirculation and coastal impact studies for a ENEC Nuclear Power Plant in Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates, 2010

Dubai Waterways Committee Assistance Stage 1 and 2

DHI assisted Dubai Waterways Committee in securing a coordinated sustainable development of inland waterways and coastal reclamation by assessing flushing options
United Arab Emirates, 2008-2009

Dubai Creek Front Development SAMA

A Study on estuarine impacts of the proposed Dubai Creek Front Development. The scope of the study includes only the permanent effects on the estuarine conditions in the Dubai Creek resulting from the reclamations, the new marina and other hard edge adjustments being part of the new development along the outer part of the Dubai Creek. Temporary impacts during construction works are not been included in the scope.
United Arab Emirates, 2008

Musaffa South Channel

The objective was to describe the advection and dispersion of substances released in different parts of the Musaffah South Channel in order to evaluate the relative effect of reclamation/backfilling in the inner part of the channel.
United Arab Emirates, 2008

Al Reem STP

A marine dispersion modelling was carried out to assess the impact of effluents discharged from Al Reem Island Sewage Treatment and Polishing Plant (STPP). The report presents the results of simulations of the dispersion and the biological effects of discharges from the STPP.
United Arab Emirates, 2008

Tiran Strait Crossing

A coastal desktop study in order to characterise the coastal stretch in the northern part of the Red Sea. The analysis is based on satellite images and depths extracted from sea charts.
United Arab Emirates, 2007

The Lagoons WQ design, Dubai

DHI undertakes MIKE 3 FM model simulations for The Lagoons development as part of the design of the waterways, the flushing and the WQ conditions.
United Arab Emirates, 2007-2008

Nad Al Sheba, Dubai

A flushing and water quality study in relation to the development of new canals in the Nad Al Sheba (NAS) area in Dubai.
United Arab Emirates, 2007

Seabed Lowering

The seabed around the Khazzan oil storage tank has lowered so that a gap has formed between the bottom of the tank edge and the seabed up to 1.5 m. The objective of the study was to verify that the present gaps have developed due to scouring of the seabed over time. DHI's in-house CFD model NS3 was used to simulate the wave and current action around and under the tank. The results from the simulations were used to evaluate the present scouring and to design the gap closure.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

Dubai Coastal Modelling

The aim of the project is to set up a hydrodynamic and water quality model covering the Dubai coast and the new developments. The water quality model is RCA, developed by Hydroqual. The porject is carried out in cooperation with Hydroqual, NJ and ASA, RI.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

OQYANA - World First Development

OQYANA has acquired Australia and New Zealand for the establishment of what will become one of the most luxurious and unique developments ever seen: OQYANA - World First. OQYANA has selected DHI to participate on the master planning team as marine experts. DHI will be responsible for that the new archipelago offers first class beaches, excellent bathing water and otherwise attractive marine conditions. DHI participates from its newly established Dubai subsidiary, DHI Gulf in Dubai, UAE.
United Arab Emirates, 2006

Saadiyat Island Beach Study

Hydraulic studies for coastal protection and beach development of the north beach of Saadiyat Island. This is part of a major tourist development study,see also project no. 53620.
United Arab Emirates, 2006-2007

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging. Hydraulic studies comprising water circulation study, marina flushing study, wind waves in harbour, erosion and deposition study and sediment dispersal study.
United Arab Emirates, 2005-2006

Waves into the World, Dubai

Investigation of wave penetration through the opening and across submerged perimeter reefs protecting 'The World' land reclamation projects. Study carried out by a combination of wave models. Flushing study of the World has been carried out under a separate project.
United Arab Emirates, 2005

EIA/RIAM Course in Dubai, July 2005

The course is designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course will also introduce the RIAM method for EIA that has been developed in Denmark by DHI Water & Environment. These parts of the course are very inter-active with a large degree of group practice during the course. Environmental Audit is covered through a lecture. Participants will be provided with a course manual providing handouts on each course element. In addition they will receive a book on RIAM, and a diskette (for PC only) with the RIAM REPORTER software.
United Arab Emirates, 2005

Management Guidelines for Dubai Coast

The project objective is to prepare the Management Guidelines for the Dubai Coast in support to Dubai Municipality's efforts of managing the coastline under the huge ongoing development. The main challenges in the project are to integrate the impact of the mega development projects, such as The Palm Jumeirah, The World, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira and more, into the planning and management of the coast. Main tasks of the project are modelling of waves, hydrodynamics, littoral transport and shoreline development, registration of land use and issuing of "Coastline Development Guidelines" to be used by all the coastal stakeholders.
United Arab Emirates, 2005-2006

Course in Shoreline and Environmental Management in Dubai

Course in Shoreline Management Guidelines involving the concept of Shoreline Management in the context of ICZM, understanding of coastal morphology and coastal classification, causes of coastal erosion and shoreline evolution, shore protection methods, concepts for artificial beaches and morphological impact assessment.
United Arab Emirates, 2004

EIA/Riam Course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2003 and 2004)

The course is designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course introduces the RIAM method for EIA developed in Denmark by DHI Water & Environment. These parts of the course are very inter-active with a large degree of group practice during the course. Environmental Audit is covered through a lecture. Participants will be provided with a course manual providing handouts on each course element. In addition they will receive a book on RIAM, and a diskette (for PC only) with the Beta-version of the RIAM software.
United Arab Emirates, 2003-2004

Quan Chanh Bo Bypass Channel Bassac, Vietnam

Assessment of coastal inlet for a navigation channel to Bassac River, Vietnam. Support to Portcoast Consulting Engineers.
Vietnam, 2009-2010

Sea Level Rise Scenarios and Possible Disaster Risk Reductions in Vietnam

Support to IMHEN on developing decision support tools to mitigate impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. Sea Level Rise Scenarios and vulnerability assessments covering shorelines, habitats, natural resources, sector economies and social factors.
Vietnam, 2008-2010

Climate change impacts on Water resources in Vietnam

Quantification of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of all major river basins in Vietnam.
Vietnam, 2008-2010


DHI is assisting the Hydrometeorological Institute to assess and explore the potential of small scale hydropower for contributing to CC mitigation, generate CC adaptation benefits and support rural development using the northern Lao Cai province as a pilot case.
Vietnam, 2007-2008

Song Bung hydropower project

As a component of the Song Bung hydropower project includes technical assistance on hydrology, hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the upstream basin of the dam area. DHI carried out hydrological and hydrodynamic assessments to support the project implementation.
Vietnam, 2005-2006

Dak Lak Groundwater Hydrology study

An existing hydrological model covering the Dak Lak plateau in Vietnam will be updated and used for scenario analyses of impact of land use changes on the water balance in the basin.
Vietnam, 2004-2005

Hydrodynamic Modelling Study of Sesan River

A hydrodynamic modelling study is undertaken on the Sesan river for Electricity of Vietnam. The project is concerned with the hydraulic conditons in the river downstream of the hydropower dams in Vietnam. The Sesan river, both on the vietnamese and Cambodian side is considered. Optimisation of reservoir operation is part of the study.
Vietnam, 2004-2005

Arsenic contamination in Vietnam

Investigation of the mobilisation of arsenic and the relation to the dynamic interaction between surface water and groundwater in the Red River Plain, Vietnam.
Vietnam, 2004-2007

Wastewater discharge permits

Technical Assistance to Implementation of Law on Water Resources: Preparation of training programme and Training on Registration and Licensing of Wastewater discharges including preparation of database on discharge permits
Vietnam, 2004-2005

Verification of feasibility studies for Lanh Ra, Cay Sung and Dai Son Irrigation schemes in Ninh Thuan and Binh Dinh province

The project consists of two studies: 1) verification of the feasibility study of the Lahn Ra irrigation scheme and 2) investigation of the possibility and costs for rehabilitation of two irrigation schemes in the Binh Dinh province.
Vietnam, 2004

MIKE 21C Training Course at SIWRR

A one week training course in MIKE 21C is provided for SIWRR, HCMC, Vietnam. Software sales of MIKE 21C included.
Vietnam, 2004
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