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Coastal Zone Management

Stone Mobility, Port Phillip Bay Entrance

Rock material left over from the dredging of Port Phillip Bay may be transported along the seabed by wave and current action. DHI has calculated the movement of the rock material and suggested methods to prevent the rocks from migrating into the nearby environmentally sensitive deep canyon. Furthermore, DHI has suggested dredging methods which may reduce the rock migration.
Australia, 2006

Coastal Studies Marataizes Brasil

Conceptual design of new shoreline management scheme.
Brazil, 2005

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM) Training Course

A 5-day course designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course also introduces the RIAM method for EIA.
Cuba, 2003

ETC/WATER (54392-01)

As a member of the European Topic Centre of Water, DHI assists the European Environmental Agency in activities related to marine assessments, hazardous substances, linkages between agriculture and water quality, threats to small water bodies and water accounts.
Denmark, 2007-2010

Coastal Protection Lønstrup

The project is concerned with the stability of the coastline along Lønstrup. Based on LITPACK results, alternative measures for coastal protection is outlined. The coastal protection will accommodate the recreational use of the area which is not possible today due to severe erosion.
Denmark, 2005-2006


The objective of the project is the establishment of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the whole Iranian coastline. It covers the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. DHI will prepare a methodology for the execution of the project and will furthermore support the preparation of a metadatabase as well as a database to be combined with GIS facilities. DHI will assist with the assessment of the environmental data and give general support to the project partners in the excution of the project. DHI is the only foreign partner in a Joint Venture with 5 Iranian Institutions with Sazeh Pardazi Iran Consulting Engineering Company (SPI) as the Project Manager. The client and funding organisation is the Port & Shipping Organisation in Iran.
Iran, 2003-2005

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy Study. Assistance to the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resc. for strategic review of coastal protection and examination of policy options.
Ireland, 2003

Malaysia East Coast, Study Tour

Visit by vice minister to Europe to study coastal engineering. DHI was appointed as guide.
Malaysia, 2003

Promoting climate change adaptation and reducing vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa

The CC DARE programme provides demand-driven technical and financial support to Sub-Saharan African countries. The support is aimed at removing barriers and creating opportunities for integrating climate change adaptation into national development planning and decision-making frameworks.
Sub-Saharan Africa, 2008-2011

Tiran Strait Crossing

A coastal desktop study in order to characterise the coastal stretch in the northern part of the Red Sea. The analysis is based on satellite images and depths extracted from sea charts.
United Arab Emirates, 2007

Course in Shoreline and Environmental Management in Dubai

Course in Shoreline Management Guidelines involving the concept of Shoreline Management in the context of ICZM, understanding of coastal morphology and coastal classification, causes of coastal erosion and shoreline evolution, shore protection methods, concepts for artificial beaches and morphological impact assessment.
United Arab Emirates, 2004

Climate Change Adaptation Case Studies for IDB

Good-practice guidelines for climate change adaptation elaborated through quantitative and applicable case studies focusing on issues like droughts, glacier retreat, sea-level rise and storm water drainage. Dissemination of the results through workshops.
Uruguay, Peru, Equador, Trinidad & Tobacco, 2011-2012

Sea Level Rise Scenarios and Possible Disaster Risk Reductions in Vietnam

Support to IMHEN on developing decision support tools to mitigate impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. Sea Level Rise Scenarios and vulnerability assessments covering shorelines, habitats, natural resources, sector economies and social factors.
Vietnam, 2008-2010
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