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Estuarine Dynamics

Green Growth - Regional Model Analysis

Modelling effects of reduced nitrogen inputs from agriculture in Denmark
Denmark, 2011-2012

Seminar for Danida Environment Advisors

DHI planned, facilitated and reported on a seminar for Danida Environment advisors. The purpose of the seminar was knowledge sharing on the status of environment assistance and mainstreaming and good governance in relation to the environment.
Denmark, 2008

Model Analysis of the Future Water Quality in Ringkøbing Fjord

A dynamic model 3-D Model system (MIKE 3 + EU-MT model) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was obtained in the shallow and turbid Ringkøbing Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2008-2009

Simulation of Scenarios With the Norsminde Fjord Model

A dynamic model 3-D Modelsystem (MIKE 3 FM + EU model in ECOlab) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in the shallow Norsminde Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2008

Key parameters and processes affecting the re-establishment of eelgrass in estuaries and coastal waters

Research project to examine why eelgrass is not re-colonizing former meadows destroyed by eutrophication well after (10-15 years) the nutrient load has been decimated.
Denmark, 2008-2011

Model Analysis of the Future Ecological Status in Århus Bay, Kalø Vig, Knebel Vig and Æbeltoft Vig, Denmark

Simulations with an existing dynamic 3-D Modelsystem (MIKE 3 FM + EU model in ECOlab) were run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in Århus Bay and Æbeltoft Vig (Denmark).
Denmark, 2007-2009

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Isefjord catchment

The project includes an evaluation of the pressures and the status of the environmental conditions in the Isefjord catchment as well as a screening of possible measures and their impact in connection with the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.
Denmark, 2007

Water Framework Directive Implementation

Facilitation of the implementation of the water framework directive in the Roskilde Fiord catchment through formulation of measures to reduce the pressure on the fiord.
Denmark, 2007

Model Analysis of the Future Water Quality in Præstø Fjord

A dynamic model 3-D model system (MIKE 3 + EU model) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in the shallow Præstø Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2006-2008

Nissum Fjord, Model

The County of Ringkøbing asked DHI to set up an ecological model on Nissum Fjord and to make a model of water and nitrogen loads from the catchment.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Roemoe Harbour

Assessment of dispersion and environmental impact of sediment disposal from Roemoe Harbour.
Denmark, 2005

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Esbjerg Harbour

Assessment of environmental effects of disposal of contaminated sediments in the Wadden Sea. Client: The Danish Coastal Authority.
Denmark, 2004

Fine-grained Sediment Transport in Graadyb Tidal Area

Model simulations of the transport and sedimentation of fine-grained sediment dredged in Esbjerg Harbour and dumped in the Grådyb estuary. Establishment of transport pathways and sedimentation patterns. Possible long term consequences on morphology from dumping the sediment in the North Sea.
Denmark, 2004


The harbour of Esbjerg is situated in the Danish Wadden Sea of the North Sea that is characterised by high tidal variations with a high load of suspended sediments. This causes siltation of Esbjerg Harbour requiring yearly maintenance dredging of approximately 460,000 m³ of which 40,000 m³ is too contaminated to be dumped into the Wadden Sea. The harbour has proposed that a confined disposal site with an area of 26 hectare and a volume of 520,000 m³ should be constructed at the shallow part of the Wadden Sea in the harbour area. This site will have a capacity for about 20 years of disposal. The surplus water will be discharged to the sea. DHI is preparing an EIA and an application for the environmental license for the project. A mathematical model has been set-up concerning discharge of contaminants (heavy metals, antifouling agents and organic pollutants like PAH) from the disposal site. It includes a physical model describing the dispersal of pollutants from all pollution sources in the area so that the impact on the environment from all sources can be assessed. Based on the model an ecotoxicological assessment of the impact from the present situation and with the impacts from the discharge from the confined disposal site has been carried out.
Denmark, 2003-2006

Plage de la Nourriguel, phase 3

2D numerical modelling study for the design of a nourished beach inside the Lorient estuary. The investigations include modelling of nearshore wave transformation, hydrodynamic flow and sediment transport.
France, 2005

Dadar Beach

Dadar - Prabhadevi Beach in Mahim Bay, Mumbai is one of few public beaches in Mumbai. The quality and the area of the beach have been steadily degrading due to in-appropriate building of houses and compound walls too close to the beach, combined with the natural erosion of the beach. A group of concerned citizens represented by P.K. Das & Associates has prepared a restoration project, which includes nourishment of the existing beach in order to widen the beach area. P. K. Das & Associates has commissioned DHI Water & Environment (DHI) to make a coastal study including wave and hydraulic modelling with the objectives of studying beach stability and providing design data for the new beach. Recommendations of grain size, beach slope and beach orientation for the new beaches has been listed in the report.
India, 2003

Venezia Long Sea Outfall

Design and impact evaluation of planned submerged long sea outfall from Fussina to the Adriatic Sea. The impact assessment comprises the MIKE 3 FM model of the Laguna di Venezia and parts of the Adriatic Sea describing currents, fine sediment deposition, eutrophication and heavy metals.
Italy, 2005

Marine Survey and Research for Benghazi North CCPP Project

Benghazi North Combined Cycle Power Plant, Libya. A Marine Survey & Research Study has been made for Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd. to make recommendations for the most suitable layout of intake/outfall structures of the plant in terms of the potential of cooling water re-circulation.
Libya, 2003

Detailed Studies on Tuas View Extension and Pulau Tekong Land Reclamation

Detailed studies of reclamation impacts on hydrodynamics, navigation, morphology, water quality, seagrass, mangrove, coral, aquaculture, fishery and dugongs.
Malaysia and Singapore, 2004

Review of Salt-water Intrusion and Mitigation Studies and Models for Proposed Post-Panamax Locks

Peer review of the Delft Hydraulics study of salt water intrusion into the Panama Canal locks. The study covers both existing as well as plans for the post Panamax Locks, assessment of remedial actions and proposal for further studies.
Panama, 2005-2006

AGIP-KCO Thermal Pollution

Assessment of thermal pollution and chemical impact on the Caspian Sea environment of cooling systems needed to refrigerate flash gas to be reinjected as part of the development of Kashagan Field. Application of MIKE 3 for thermal pollution and ecological/chemical risk assessment.
Rep. Of Kazakhstan, 2003

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island Project Marina and Dredging. Hydraulic studies comprising water circulation study, marina flushing study, wind waves in harbour, erosion and deposition study and sediment dispersal study.
United Arab Emirates, 2005-2006
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