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Limioni Port, Physical Modelling

The objective of the project was to investigate the wave conditions in Limioni Harbour, Albania, with the existing layout. Furthermore, a number of breakwater layouts were introduced to reduce the wave disturbance. All breakwaters tested will result in a reduction of the wave disturbance in the harbour.
Albania, 2007

Raab Flood forecasting Austria

Development of a cross border flood forecasting system on Raab river.
Austria, 2009-2011

Development of a flood forecasting system on Mur

The primary objective of the project was the establishment of a regional flood forecasting and warning system on Mur river basin in the Southern part of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. The flood forecasting system includes: Real-time monitoring and transmission of hydrologic and hydrometric data. Modelling of mur river and catchments. Preparation of accurate and timely warnings for dissemination
Austria, 2004-2005

Breaking waves, Thornton Bank Offshore Wind Farm

Detailed analyses of wave loads on gravity based foundations from irregular waves with NS3
Belgium, 2009

Installation of Gravity Based Foundation

Physical hydraulic model tests of the installation of the gravity base foundations for the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm, Belgium.
Belgium, 2007

Thornton Wind Farm Model Tests

Physical hydraulic model tests of the installation of a gravity based foundation for the Thornton Bank offshore wind farm, Belgium. Refer to project 11710580
Belgium, 2007

Wind Farm Scour Tests

DHI carried out a 3D series of model tests in order to establish the design basis for the scour protection for a GBS wind turbine foundation of the Thornton Bank Wind Farm, Belgium.
Belgium, 2007

Extended Analyses of Wave Forces on GBS

From comparison of NS3 calculations of wave forces on a GBS foundation to forces estimated with the Morison equation it was found that typical force coefficients, CM and CD, gave a too small overturning moment. The coefficients are optimised to overcome this.
Belgium, 2006

Calculation of Wave Force on GBS

Wave generated forces on the GBS for a wind turbine foundation were calculated using the CFD tool, NS3. Furthermore, bed shear stress amplification factors were estimated.
Belgium, 2006

New Forecast System for Belgium

Provision of Client-Server based MIKE FLOOD WATCH with 5 clients, a central INFORMIX server (containing SCADA database and FLOOD WATCH database) and a File Server, which contains model setups and simulations.
Belgium, 2006-2007

Leie-Bovenschelde Rreal-time Flood Forecasting System

Upgrading of MIKE 11 RR/HD model for forecasting purposes and provision of FLOOD WATCH system
Belgium, 2005-2007

Morphological Modelling of Durme and Schelde River Confluence

Removal of the polders near the Durme-Schelde confluence in Belgium is under consideration. In the present project carried out with IMDC International Marine and Dredging Consultants NV. for The Waterways and Maritime Affairs Administration (AWZ), a 2D morphological model study is carried out, which will address the long-term impact of complete and partial dike removal.
Belgium, 2004-2005

Dose-response relations between sediment contaminants and benthic invertebrate communities

The aim of the Rebecca project was to establish a connection between pressure and quality elements of the Water Framework Directive and to create tools to estimate the surface connection. The project was carried out in close co-operation with the GIG groups which led the calibration processes of the Water Framework Directive in the implementation process of the Directive.
Belgium, 2004-2008

Dender, Demer and Grensmas on-line Flood Forecasting Models

MIKE FLOODWATCH, data assimilation, updating, MIKE 11 flood forecasting, training
Belgium, 2004-2005

Drobudja Transboundary Groundwater Project

A large scale groundwater model is developed as part of a Water Framework Directive project for the Dobrudja/Dobrogea aquifer systems in order to assess water balance, groundwater hydrology and quality as well as determine sustainable exploitation rates.
Bulgaria, 2007

Integrated River Basin Management, Bulgaria

Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in 5 river basins in southern Bulgaria. Pollution load from urban, industrial and agriculture point sources and non-point pollution. Set-up of MIKE 11 models for quantification of impact from pollution reduction measures. Training of staff.
Bulgaria, 2006-2007

Zadar Port, Ship Motions and Wave Agitation

Ship motions are analysed with a combination of MIKE 21 BW and WAMSIM. MIKE 21 BW calculates the wave disturbance inside the planned harbour. Based on these results, WAMSIM finds the ship motions in the time-domain for different scenarios of wave conditions, ship loadings and mooring systems
Croatia, 2006-2007

Water Information System

Development and implementation of a water resources information system that streamline, integrate and optimize business and decision-making processes in water management through a more innovative and efficient use of information and telecommunication technology.
Croatia, 2004-2005

Sewer network MP - Lovosice, Litomerice a Terezín

Sewer Master Plan
Czech Republic, 2008-2009

Roofing felt leaching and ecotoxicity testing

Investigation of possible contents of toxic substanes in rainwater run-off from roofing felt. The leaching tank test is specifically designed for roofing felt. Samples of the leachate are subject to chemical analysis (elementes and PAH) as well as to standard ecotoxicological tets with algae, crustaceans (Daphnia) and microorganisms (Microtox).
Danmark, 2005-2006

Environmental risk assessment of kemikaliedepot Kærgård Klitplantage

The environmental toxicity of one specific chemical substance and of a sample of contaminated groiundwater are investigated by means of acute and chronic ecotoxicological tests with marine organisms representing, algae, bluegreen algae, crustaceans, polychaetes and fish. Environmental risk assessment based on single substances in the sample and on the toxicity of the complexly contaminated sample.
Danmark, 2005-2006

Fortolkning af REACH med fokus på kemikaliebranchen

REACH undervisning
Danmark, 2005

National Competent Authority Report on herbicide, draft for the Danish EPA

Elaboration of environmental parts of Competent Authorities' background reports on the active substance zoxamide and a formulated plant protection product containing it.
Danmark, 2005

Cost saving measures in natural colour production

Mapping of production processes to identify possible cost saving measures for water use and wastewater emission. The result of the project is a catalogue describing and evaluating cost saving technologies and methodologies.
Danmark, 2004-2005

Green Growth - Regional Model Analysis

Modelling effects of reduced nitrogen inputs from agriculture in Denmark
Denmark, 2011-2012

Port of Hanstholm Expansion

Current and wave modelling,sedimentation study, wave disturbance, breakwater tests
Denmark, 2011-2012

RiskChange - -Risk-based design in a changing climate

RiskChange - Risk based design in a changing climate
Denmark, 2011-2014

Polar Bear Basin, Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is in the process of extending the present polar bear facility with an entirely new area named the Arctic Ring. Within the Arctic Ring, several basins will be constructed including basins for polar bears, seals, bird areas, etc. The flow conditions in the basins, including their water intakes and outlets, were investigated by DHI using the method of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Denmark, 2010

Update of Environmental Design Data for Siri Platform

Update of Environmental Design Data for Siri Platform
Denmark, 2010-2011

Bathing Water in Kalveboderne

Evaluating sediment quality before approving bathing water in the southern part of Copenhagen Harbour
Denmark, 2010

Crestwing Model Tests

Model tests with the Wave Energy Converter (WEC), the Crestwing.
Denmark, 2010

FPP Wave Energy Converter

Support to Wave Energy Converter (WEC) development
Denmark, 2010

CRES - Centre for Regional change in the Earth System

Centre for Regional change in the Earth System (CRES)
Denmark, 2010-2014

Søvejen mod Vest II-VVM-Redegørelse

Assessment of impacts caused by establishing a new harbour facility for wind mill export in Hvide Sande.
Denmark, 2010

Delineation scenarios for the Kattegat, data availability and management support tools

The objective of KARMA is to develop scenarios for delineation of the Kattegat as a subregion under the EU Marine Strategi Framework Directive, including a gap anlysis of available data and outline of a MSFD specific DSS for the Kattegat and its catchment
Denmark, 2009-2010

Environmental assessment of the landfill, Lynettedeponiet in Copenhagen Harbour

DHI has for CPH City & Port Development and Environment Centre Roskilde under the Danish Ministry of Environment investigated contamination level in harbour sediment deposited in an onshore landfill and modelled the impact on the surrounding sea.
Denmark, 2009

Basic characterisation of harbour sediment - Esbjerg Harbour

Sampling and basic characterisation of harbour sediment in accordance with the Danish implementation of the EU landfill directive and the associated Council Decision.
Denmark, 2009

Århus Nord - well protection zones for groundwater pumping scenarios and updated hydrogeological model

The MIKE SHE - MIKE 11model system was applied to make an environmental impact assessment of new groundwater pumping scenarios. An existing integrated hydrological model previously developed of DHI was updated and extended. New capture zone delineations were used by the client in well field protection plans.
Denmark, 2009

constructionEnvironmetal assessment for landfill at Port of Holbæk

DHI has for Port of Holbæk and Environment Centre Roskilde under the Danish Ministry of Environment investigated contamination level in harbour sediment deposited in an onshore landfill and modelled the impact on the surrounding fjord.
Denmark, 2009

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm - Metocean Data for Design and Operational Conditions

For the establishment of an approximately 400 MW offshore wind farm near Anholt in the Kattegat, Denmark, DHI was commissioned to undertake a metocean study detailing operational and extreme conditions, such as exceedance probabilities, weather windows, and extreme values. The study included the establishment of 29 years of hindcast data using DHI's MIKE21 numerical wave and flow models.
Denmark, 2009

FEHY Baseline for Suspended Sediment, Sediment Spill, related Surveys and Field Experiments, Denmark

The overall objective was to assess the impact from sediment spill during construction of the proposed fixed link between Denmark and Germany over the Fehmarnbelt on the natural suspended concentrations and deposition. DHI was the marine consultant to Femern Bælt AS on this project supported by University of Copenhagen and LIC¬engineering.
Denmark, 2009-2010

Anholt Wind Mill Farm, Denmark Environmental Impact Assessment

For the establishment of an approximately 400 MW offshore wind farm near Anholt in the Kattegat, Denmark, DHI and associates were commissioned to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed wind farm including submarine cables and transformer platform.
Denmark, 2009

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm: Hydrography, Sediment Spill, Water Quality, Geomorphology and Coastal Morphology. Baseline Description and Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment related to hydrographic conditions, sediment spill, water quality, geomorphology, and coastal morphology.
Denmark, 2009

Impact assessment of new well field locations and groundwater abstractions

The MIKE SHE - MIKE 11model system was applied to make an environmental impact assessment of several new well field locations and groundwater abstraction levels. An existing numerical model was adapted to the Lemming area outside Århus and three scenarios were tested.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Danska erfarenheter av modeller i övervakningen

Rapport om de danska erfarenheterna med dynamiska modeller i den nationella miljöövervakningen. Novana-programmet
Denmark, 2008-2009

Flooding in Greve caused by high sea levels in Køge Bay.

MIKE FLOOD modelling of Greve
Denmark, 2008-2010

Seminar for Danida Environment Advisors

DHI planned, facilitated and reported on a seminar for Danida Environment advisors. The purpose of the seminar was knowledge sharing on the status of environment assistance and mainstreaming and good governance in relation to the environment.
Denmark, 2008

Enlargement of Copenhagen Harbour, Input to the EIA

EIA of a harbour enlargement in Copenhagen. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

FEHY Monitoring System Operation

Fehmarnbelt - design. Deployment and operation of three online monitoring stations and ten offline monitoring stations
Denmark, 2008-2012

Field data collection, Environment Centre Aarhus, Denmark

Biological data collection for a Danish environmental authority.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Climate change impact on flooding in Greve

Development of the modelling framework for calculation of Flood risk in Greve city
Denmark, 2008-2009

Hvide Sande Harbour, Denmark

Hydraulic investigations in connection with optimisation of new breakwaters
Denmark, 2008-2009

Integrated Environment and Water Management, a vocational 4-week training course, Denmark

Vocational training course in "Integrated environment and water management".
Denmark, 2008

Northstream Baseline Impact

The use of sea area northeast of Ertholmene by breeding guillemots Uria aalge and razorbills Alca torda
Denmark, 2008

MOG Iso Design Basis

Update of wind, wave and water level input to MOGenvi.
Denmark, 2008-2010

Drainage of a coastal, agricultural catchment influenced by climate change

Investigation of flooding in the Gerå coastal,agricultural catchment using the integrated groundwater and surface water modelling tools MIKE SHE and MIKE 11.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Thyborøn Harbour - Wave Agitation and Sedimentation

Assessment of reasons for increased wave agitation and sedimentation in harbour approach area. Development and analysis of feasible solutions by applying advanced numerical modelling of waves, currents and sediment transport.
Denmark, 2008-2010

Ny fjordforbindelse Frederikssund Hydraulisk Model

Hydraulisk, sediment og WQ modellering til VVM undersøgelse af ny bro/tunnel over Roskilde Fjord
Denmark, 2008-2009

Model Analysis of the Future Water Quality in Ringkøbing Fjord

A dynamic model 3-D Model system (MIKE 3 + EU-MT model) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was obtained in the shallow and turbid Ringkøbing Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2008-2009

Simulation of Scenarios With the Norsminde Fjord Model

A dynamic model 3-D Modelsystem (MIKE 3 FM + EU model in ECOlab) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in the shallow Norsminde Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2008

Key parameters and processes affecting the re-establishment of eelgrass in estuaries and coastal waters

Research project to examine why eelgrass is not re-colonizing former meadows destroyed by eutrophication well after (10-15 years) the nutrient load has been decimated.
Denmark, 2008-2011

New Coal Pier at Stigsnæs Power Plant. Input to the EIA

EIA for extension of the coal terminal at Stigsnæs power plant. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Environmental Impact Assessment for Hundshage Havbrug (54988-01)

An Environmental Impact Assessment carried out in connection with an application for enlargement of an existing marine cage fish farm.
Denmark, 2007

Model Analysis of the Future Ecological Status in Århus Bay, Kalø Vig, Knebel Vig and Æbeltoft Vig, Denmark

Simulations with an existing dynamic 3-D Modelsystem (MIKE 3 FM + EU model in ECOlab) were run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in Århus Bay and Æbeltoft Vig (Denmark).
Denmark, 2007-2009

Antibiotics and Copper at Hjarnø og Hundshage Fish Farms (54911-01)

The study involved mathematical modelling of the transport and dispersion of copper and antibiotics discharged from a marine cage fish farm. The results were used in the application for the continuous use of the substances in accordance with new environmental regulations.
Denmark, 2007

Revision of calculations at Musholm Lax A/S (54905-01)

The study involved mathematical modelling of the transport and dispersion of copper and antibiotics discharged from a marine cage fish farm. The results were used in the application for continuous use of the substances in accordance with new environmental regulations.
Denmark, 2007

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Isefjord catchment

The project includes an evaluation of the pressures and the status of the environmental conditions in the Isefjord catchment as well as a screening of possible measures and their impact in connection with the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.
Denmark, 2007

MIKE SHE assistance, MC Roskilde

MC Roskilde needs an integrated modelling tool for a range of water management tasks addressing both surface water, ground water and the interaction between the groundwater aquifers and streams. The tool must be dynamic and distributed. MC Roskilde has decided to develop the tool on the existing national water resources model with major inputs from DHI. The MIKE SHE / MIKE11 modeling system developed by DHI is applied. The extended and calibrated model is developed to support both regional scale and local scale models ranging from 25 m to 500 m in spatial resolution.
Denmark, 2007

Børup Sande Havbrug and Flækøjet Havbrug (54685-01)

The study involved mathematical modelling of the transport and dispersion of copper and antibiotics discharged from a marine cage fish farm. The results were used in the application for continuous use of the substances in accordance with new environmental regulations.
Denmark, 2007

Water Framework Directive Implementation

Facilitation of the implementation of the water framework directive in the Roskilde Fiord catchment through formulation of measures to reduce the pressure on the fiord.
Denmark, 2007

Poseidon 37 Monitoring

Monitoring system to wave power generator (Poseidon) located off Vindeby on Lolland, Southern Denmark. Instrumentation comprises current/wave metre, a number of AD-converters, video surveillanbce, GPS-generated headings, construction load meaurements.
Denmark, 2007-2008

Pilot Project on List of Environmentally Assessed Pharmaceuticals

A draft list of environmental assessed pharmaceuticals (antibiotics) is prepared. The list is used by the Hospital of Sønderborg in a pilot project to reduce the use of environmentally harzardous pharmaceuticals.
Denmark, 2007

Tracking of Priority Substances in Municipality of Hvidovre

Second phase of a tracking program in an industrial zone in Copenhagen. Priority substances from the Water Framework Directive are tracked with different source tracking methods (sewer biofilm and time proportional sampling).
Denmark, 2007-2008

Tracking of Priority Substances in Municipality of Gladsaxe

A tracking program in an industrial zone in Copenhagen. Priority substances from the Water Framework Directive are tracked with different source tracking methods (sewer biofilm and time proportional sampling).
Denmark, 2007-2008

Environmental Regulation of Hospitals in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen municipalities are to regulate the wastewater discharge from hospitals. In this pilot project with two large scale hospitals various strategies for reducing the discharge of pharmaceuticals are discussed and a draft list of environmentally assessed pharmaceuticals is prepared.
Denmark, 2007-2008

Monitoring Programs for Priority Substances in Copenhagen WWTPs

Second phase of wastewater monitoring programs on WFD priority substances are done in the urban wastewater treatment plants of Copenhagen (Lynetten and Damhusåen). The data are used for source tracking in the Greater Copenhagen area.
Denmark, 2007-2008

Environmental Impact Control Programme 2007 (54604-01)

The study is part of an environmental impact control programme carried out annually in order to describe the impact of a marine cage fish farms on macro-vegetation and sediment under and around the farm.
Denmark, 2007

The Houting Project - Combining Hydrodynamic and Agent-based Models

Assessment of the houting project in the river Vidå with focus on houting survival and dike safety. The assessment is carried out using MIKE FM in combination with agent based modelling techniques in the ECO Lab.
Denmark, 2007

GIS System for Analysis of Data in Critical Situations

In critical situations (pollutions) there is a demand to get data from laboratory into a GIS system to analyse data as quickly as possible. The program accesses this demand by importing data from a FTP site, handling them and storing them in a database structure for the GIS system.
Denmark, 2007

Clean Water in River Mølleå

Lake and stream restoration assessment and effect evaluation of discharging treated sewage in the river system. Technical and financial assessments.
Denmark, 2007

Horns Rev 2 Transformer Platform

Production of fatigue design data at the position of the proposed transformer station at the offshore wind farm Horns Rev 2.
Denmark, 2007

Mapping of the Seabed and Assessment of Recovery of Raw Materials at Vejsnæs Flak

Mapping of the seabed and assessment of recioery of raw materials at Vejsnæs Flak, Denmark
Denmark, 2007

Kærhede Aquaculture - FREA Project

Technical assistance in connection with feasibility study for trout farm using recirculation technology.
Denmark, 2007

Elsam Wind Service

Service and maintenance of waverider at Horns Rev 1 and service of ADCP at wind mill No 14
Denmark, 2007-2008

ETC/WATER (54392-01)

As a member of the European Topic Centre of Water, DHI assists the European Environmental Agency in activities related to marine assessments, hazardous substances, linkages between agriculture and water quality, threats to small water bodies and water accounts.
Denmark, 2007-2010

Esbjerg Port New South Harbour, Input to the EIA, Denmark

Sediment study for development of a new port in Esbjerg, Denmark, as input to EIA
Denmark, 2007-2010

EIA of a windmill farm off Sprogø, Biological assessments, Denmark

Biological surveys in Storebælt for assessing potentials for a windmill farm around Sprogø. The assessment of the benthic flora and fauna in an area North of Sprogø was carried out to provide input to an EIA on the possibilities to establish a small windmill farm offshore.
Denmark, 2007

Environmental impact assessment of bioethanol plant at Studstrup

Environmental impact assessment in connection with the establishment of a bioethanol plant in Denmark. Evaluation of impact on groundwater, surface water and wetlands.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Restoration of Sølsted Wetland

Restoration of Solsted wetland in Denmark. Development of integrated hydrological model for impact assessment, primarily focusing on groundwater changes on the surrounding farm land.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Restoration of Terkelsbøl Wetland

Restoration of Solsted wetland in Denmark. Development of integrated hydrological model for impact assessment, primarily focusing on groundwater changes on the surrounding farm land.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Impact of climate changes in Greve municipality

Impact from long term climate changes on groundwater levels in a coastal area is investigated through scenario modelling using MIKE SHE. Risk for leakage into sewer systems and buildings is also assessed.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Flow in Denitrification Tanks, Viby Sewage Disposal Plant

The flow in the five denitrification tanks at Viby Sewage Disposal Plant in Denmark is not optimal, since dead zones develop close to the overflow weir from one tank to the next tank. A number of different solutions for optimising the flow were developed based on a hydraulic desk study and simple hydraulic measurements.
Denmark, 2006

Domestic waste water infiltration in open landscapes

Cooperation with GEUS on project to gather data on environmental impact of domestic waste water infiltration facilities. Project involves instrumentation of 1 private household infiltration facility and aquisation of data on transport and fate of contaminants from this facility.
Denmark, 2006-2008

Assessment of Sea Bed Conditions in the Area North of a Suggested Placement of Årø Sea Farm

A mapping of the sea surface, a distance of 1000 m from the planned sea farm was requested in order to make an assessment of the influence of the farming on the environment. A specific request was that reefs were not to be disturbed.
Denmark, 2006

Medicine and Antibiotics at Nordby Bay

As part of an application for use of copper and antibiotics in connection with marine fish farming in Nordby Bay a MIKE 3 HD/AD model was used to calculate excess concentrations around the fish farm.
Denmark, 2006

Suså indsatsplan - nitrat

Borewells with nitrate and xenobiotics were analysed to evaluate whether the measurements were related to particular groundwater reservoirs, depth, open wells etc. with the aim of narrowing down the nitrate sensitive area.
Denmark, 2006

Medicine and Antibiotics at Nordby Bay

As part of an application for use of copper and antibiotics in connection with marine fish farming in Nordby Bay a MIKE 3 HD/AD model was used to calculate excess concentrations around the fish farm.
Denmark, 2006

Studstrupværket - 2. phase

Evaluation of the environmental impact from increased groundwater pumping.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Excess Concentrations of Medicine and Antibiotics in 5 Marine Aquaculture Locations in 'Smålandshavet'

As part of an application for use of copper and antibiotics in connection with marine fish farming at five locations in Smålandshavet a MIKE 3 HD/AD model was used to calculate excess concentrations around the fish farms.
Denmark, 2006

TEA Wave-in-Deck Load Calculation

The objective of the project was numerical wave-in-deck load calculations on the Tyra East A platform. The numerical model was calibrated based on physical experiments performed for the TEA before the wave-in-deck load calculations for the TEA platform.
Denmark, 2006

Regional Effects on Kattegat and Skagerrak of Nitrogen Discharge from FF Skagen

Calculations of regional environmental effects on Kattegat and Skagerrak of reduction in nitrogen discharge from FF Skagen.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Supplementary calculations and impact assessment of nutrient discharge from caged marine fish farm in Lillebælt

Supplementary calculations and evaluation in connection with Environmental Impact Assessment of increased fish production by merging five existing smaller farms to one situated in more open waters (case no 53055).
Denmark, 2006

Model Analysis of the Future Water Quality in Præstø Fjord

A dynamic model 3-D model system (MIKE 3 + EU model) was run to identify the nutrient load at which a "good environmental condition" was reached in the shallow Præstø Fjord (Denmark).
Denmark, 2006-2008

Environmental Monitoring during 2006 of Two Caged Marine Fish Farms in Storebælt

Investigations of sediment chemistry, benthic fauna and growth seaweed in connection with environmental control of marine fish farm in the Great Belt, Denmark. - Reporting of results from measurements of sediment conditions as well as growth rates from seaweed at and around marine caged fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Skagen Havn, Revision of EIA

Planned expansion of Skagen Port involving dredging and reclamation works as well as port construction works.
Denmark, 2006

Groundwater vulnerability mapping, Hvidebæk

The first phase in the groundwater vulnerability mapping includes collection and review of existing documents and data from the area as well as development of conceptual models for geology, hydrogeology, hydrology and groundwater chemistry.
Denmark, 2006

Discharge of Medicines and Copper and Calcultions of Excess Concentrations in Lillebælt

Calculations of excess concentrations of cobber and antibiotics in connection with application for enlargement of production on existing caged marine fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2006

Horns Rev 2, kystmorfologi

Desk study of the expected effect of two offshore wind turbine farms - the existing Horns Rev 1 and the planned Horns Rev 2 - on waves and currents in the area and evaluation of the possible impact on the coastal morphology and littoral transport in the area.
Denmark, 2006

Restoration of Kongens Mose Wetland

Restoration of Kongens mose wetland in Denmark. Development of integrated hydrological model for impact assessment, primarily focusing on the water balance and hydrology for the wetland and any potential groundwater changes on the surrounding farm land.
Denmark, 2006

Mosede Beach - Detailed Design

Project for improving the conditions at Mosede Beach with respect to deposition of seaweed.
Denmark, 2006-2007


A first module to an e-learning platform aiming at teaching REACH to SMEs - focussing on how the companies can prepare themselves for REACH
Denmark, 2006

Modelling and Consulting Work for Fish Farms (54473-01)

Consultant service in connection with applications from members of the organisation - Dansk Akvakultur - to local environmental authorities regarding changes in production technology and production level.
Denmark, 2006-2008

Detailed (2-D/3-D) modellering of pesticide transport to groundwater

The project aims at describing in detail the difference between transport through macropores not connected to drains and transport through macropores to drains. The transport may be as solute or colloid-facilitated.
Denmark, 2006-2008

Horns Rev 2 - Metocean Study

Provision of metocean design parameters for the wind park Horns Rev 2, located in the eastern part of the North Sea.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Electrochemical remediation of groundwater contamination on Cheminova-site in Ballerup

Building and testing of facility for electrochemical remediation of groundwater contamination on Cheminova-site in Ballerup. Different set-ups for the reactor are tested and data for long term use of the reactor recorded.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Port of Nakskov - Deepening of Access Channel and Harbour Impact of increased Water Depth and spilled Sediment

Hydraulic and sediment dispersion study of deepening the 9 km long access channel to Port of Nakskov, Denmark. The study is carried out using the models MIKE 3 FM and MIKE 21 FM MT. The results of the study are used in a EIA study of the project.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden in Denmark using integrated groundwater-surface water modelling (MIKE SHE/MIKE 11).
Denmark, 2005-2006

Analysis of aeration and settling at CP Kelco, Phase 2

Optimisation of settling and aeration processes at the pectin factory CP Kelco ApS. Preparation of analysis of settling and aeration processes using off-gas monitoring techniques, laboratory characterisations of sludge, etc.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Coastal Protection Lønstrup

The project is concerned with the stability of the coastline along Lønstrup. Based on LITPACK results, alternative measures for coastal protection is outlined. The coastal protection will accommodate the recreational use of the area which is not possible today due to severe erosion.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Checklists for contaminated site investigations

Based upon Danish regulations and guidelines, checklist for required elements in investigations of contaminated sites will be established. International guidelines for site investigations will be included.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Method for analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil

A newly developed method for analysing total petroleum hydrocarbons in soils is finalised and prepared for use in practical risk assessment of contaminated soils.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Grit Removal at Lynetten Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hydraulic model and description of grit removal at Lynetten Wastewater Treatment Plant (750,000 PE)
Denmark, 2005

Current Meter E2 Stigsnæsværket

Current online monitoring system for safe navigation at the terminal
Denmark, 2005-2006

Assessment of Sedimentation of Esbjerg Traffic Harbour

The entrance to Esbjerg Traffic Harbour may be increased from 100 to 200 m. The consequence for siltation in the harbour basin is investigated with NS3. ADCP measurements are made and sediment samples are collected to support the assessment.
Denmark, 2005

Wind Monitoring Roenne Harbour

Wind monitoring Roenne Harbour. Windmills mounted on the top of Aalborg Portland Silo.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Akzo Nobel Cooling Water Investigation

Assessment of impacts of thermal release to Mariager Fiord from a nutritional salt production.
Denmark, 2005

Ny Truelsbjerg Kildeplads

Scenariekørsler med den eksisterende Århus Nord 02 model. Undersøgelse af påvirkning af grundvandspotentialet og afstrømningen i nærliggende vandløb ved etableringen af en ny kildeplads ved Truelsbjerg.
Denmark, 2005

Investigations at Ringe Tjære- og Asfaltfabrik

The pollution situation and remediation possibilities are investigated. As part of this investigation the potential for natural attenuation is investigated by degradation experiments.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Screw Pump, Aars Water Purifying Plant

In a desk study DHI evaluated possible air inflow into the submerged pumps.
Denmark, 2005

Well-field and water resources management in the Hove å river basin west of Copehagen

New permits for the well-fields of the Copenhagen water company will be based on principles of sustainability in relation to the groundwater resource itself and also river quality and nature protection in general. (as also included in the EU Water Framework Directive, WFD) In the project area (Nybølle) west of Copenhagen there are many important wetlands and for the rivers quality criteria include that the are habitats for fish. In the project DHI Wate & Environment has used their groundwater-surface water model complex (MIKE SHE -MIKE 11) to evaluate the dry season river flow in the Hove Å river basin and the groundwater level in the wetland areas.
Denmark, 2005

Model developments for large scale modelling

Model code adjustments necessary for development of a large scale integrated hydrological model covering the entire Denmark are discussed and carried out as a part of the national environmental monitoring strategy.
Denmark, 2005-2009

Remote Monitoring of Naestved Harbour Channel

Assessment of water quality by use of on-line monitoring stations.
Denmark, 2005

Action plan for the pectin factory CP Kelco

Process review on basis of operational data and action plan for future activities (optimisation and/or extension).
Denmark, 2005

ECO reactor, technology and market development

Development of an electrochemical reactor for cleaning of organically contaminated groundwater and wastewater.
Denmark, 2005

Korsør Harbour - Modification of Piers and Quay Wall in the North Basin

Evaluation of wave disturbance due to modification of piers and quay walls in the North Basin
Denmark, 2005

Ecotoxicological tests for establishment of Water Quality Standards

Ecotoxicological tests for establishment of Water Quality Standards (WQS)
Denmark, 2005

EU Competent Authority Report on herbicide, draft for the Danish EPA

EU Competent Authority Report on herbicide, draft for the Danish EPA
Denmark, 2005-2006

Discharge of Medicine and Copper at Kongsnæs, Snaptun

The project involved documentation of the use oand subsequent discharge of copper and antibiotics at a trout farm in Storstrømmen as well as 2D modelling of the distribution of the substances in the marine environment surrounding the fish farm.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Environmental Application

Documentation and evalutation of previous as well as future environmental impacts in connection with a discharge application for a marine trout farm in the Great Belt. Environmental Impact Assessment in connection with application for enlarging production on two existing marine cage fish farm in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2005

Sedimentation and consolidation properties of sediment and water quality of overflow at Lake Bagsværd

DHI conducted laboratory investigations of the sedimentation and consolidation properties of sediment from Lake Bagsværd. In addition, investigations were made to assess the composition and characteristics of the overflow water to make a preliminary selection of water treatment technologies to comply with discharge standards.
Denmark, 2005

Nissum Fjord, Model

The County of Ringkøbing asked DHI to set up an ecological model on Nissum Fjord and to make a model of water and nitrogen loads from the catchment.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Integrated Ground Water River Model in Frederiksborg County

Develop a MIKE 11 river model and link to an existing MODFLOW groundwater model, which is converted to MIKE SHE. Use to model to benchmark against the MODFLOW model to examine the effect of using an integrated groundwater-river model.
Denmark, 2005

Human bioaccessibility of selected soil contaminants

Evaluation of relation between human bioaccessibility and bioavailability of cadmium and lead from soils with 2 modified test methods.
Denmark, 2005

Environmental Control, Musholm Lax, 2005

Survey of benthic environment (sediment properties and video-recordings) in connection with trout production in Storebælt. - Reporting of results from measurements of sediment conditions under and around marine caged fish farms in Storebælt.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Evaluation of phytoremediation as clean-up method

Investigation of the possibility of using phytoremediation in conjunction with reductive dechlorination as remediation on a specific site.
Denmark, 2005

Optimisation of grit removal

A simple model for air bobbles will be introduced in DHI's refined flow model NS3. NS3 will be set up to simulate the flow and settling of sand in a grit chamber making a pre-treatment of wastewater and the results will be verified against measurements. If the model is able to simulate the flow and settling of sand, a system for sand removal will be used as a consulting tool.
Denmark, 2005

OECD Test Guidelines Programme 2005

Expert assistance for the Danish EPA for OECD Test Guidelines. Through participation in expert working groups and commenting on draft guidelines, ERA has been engaged in the development and revision of OECD Test Guidelines for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology for years.
Denmark, 2005

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Roemoe Harbour

Assessment of dispersion and environmental impact of sediment disposal from Roemoe Harbour.
Denmark, 2005

Modelling Activities for Capacity Planning in the Catchment Area of Wastewater Centre Avedoere (Western Copenhagen)

MIKE URBAN modelling studies for a large urban catchment with combined and separated sewer networks
Denmark, 2005-2008

Environmental Guide for the production sector Virksomhedernes Miljøguide www.virksomhedernes-miljoeguide.dk

An Internet based tool presenting legislation, guidelines and standards in the fields of air pollution, wastewater, waste, soil and management has been developed. The target group are small and medium-sized enterprises from the production sector.
Denmark, 2005-2006

EIA at Skagen Nordstrand

Sand used for beach nourishment around Skagen has been reclaimed from the foreshore of Skagen Nordstrand since 1983. The yearly amount reclaimed is about 60,000 m³. The removal of sand may potentially reduce beach width, wind transport of sand and affect the development of dunes.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Hvide Sande Sluice, Scour Evaluation

The authorities want to increase the inflow and outflow through the Hvide Sande Sluice to the Ringkøbing Fjord. At present, some very large erosion holes in the Hvide Sande Channel have been developed. How the holes will develop in the future has been estimated by a combination of desk study, full-scale measurements, and DHI's in-house refined flow code, NS3.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Groundwater vulnerability mapping, Assens

Model recalibration based on an analyses of calibration data and automatic calibration. Simulation of groundwater recharge areas and capture zones for selected water works.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Assessment of Dilution at Kærgård Plantation

Assessment of dilution of percolat seepage from waste deposit in sandy coastal area.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Skive Fiord Catchment Model

An integrated surface water and groundwater model coupled to a reactive transport model is developed for Skibe Fiord Catchment in order to investigate the transport and attenuation of nitrate from agricultural activities in the catchment.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Manure separation - pre-project

Free transport and selling of manure as fertiliser calls for declaration of the manure and a pre-evaluation of equipment used. This project is a first phase where DHI and Viborg Council together go for approval and compliance with standards of equipment and manure product.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Monitoring at pumping stations in Herlev Municipality

Monitoring of wastewater at two pumping stations in Herlev Municipality, which receive wastewater from a separate sewer system and a combined sewer system respectively. Characterisation includes heavy metals and hazardous substances. The purpose is to point out efforts to improve regulation of pollution sources.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Pestsurf II

56 simulations ith the PestSurf-model and a corresponding set of FOCUSsw-model runs will be carried out in order to compare results and outline an evaluation procedure for the PestSurf results in time and space.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Western Baltic

The project will establish an operational model and scenario models for the hydrodynamics and eutrophication conditions in the Western Baltic Sea. The scenario models will also include local models of selected fjords and archipelago areas and will be transferred to the regional authorities.
Denmark, 2004-2007

Pesticide environmental assessment

Reviews of ecotoxicological and fate test study reports are prepared, the quality of the data is evaluated and summaries regarding environmental properties are elaborated on the active substance Napropamide and formulated plant protection products containing it for inclusion in Annex II of Directive 91/414/EEC .
Denmark, 2004-2005

Wave Run-up on Wind Turbine Foundations, Horns Rev

During two storms platforms attached to the wind turbine foundations were damaged. NS3 was applied to study wave run-up and forces on the platforms, which are situated 9 m above mean sea level.
Denmark, 2004-2005

OECD Test Guidelines Programme 2004

Expert assistance for the Danish EPA for OECD Test Guidelines. Through participation in expert working groups and commenting on draft guidelines, ERA has been engaged in the development and revision of OECD Test Guidelines for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology for years.
Denmark, 2004

Strategy for investigation of fuel oil spill from domestic tanks

A strategy shall be developed for investigation of fuel oil spills from leaking domestic tanks.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Toxicity testing for Water Quality Standards database

Toxicity testing with chemical substances for which ecotoxicity data are not available. Subsequent derivation of Water Quality Standards based on the data obtained.
Denmark, 2004

Reduction of hydrogen sulphide in sewer systems at Copenhagen Airport

A field investigation performed at Copenhagen Airport's facilities in Kastrup, Denmark has determined the course of hydrogen sulphide build-up in a pressure main. Nitrate dosing has proven to be efficient to prevent sulphide production when warm industrial wastewater is discharged into a pressure main with long residence time.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Initial Dilution of Sun Chemicals Waste Water

Calculation of initial dilution of Sun Chemical's waste water in Køge Bay under present conditions compared to a discharge through Køge Egnens Rensningsanlæg's outfall
Denmark, 2004

Environmental risk assessment of active ingredient

Assessment of biodegradation, aquatic toxicity and environmental risk of active ingredient
Denmark, 2004

Assessment of leaching from use of coal fly ashes and moderately polluted soil for harbour filling

As part of a harbour-enlargement project, where DHI acted as lead council for Køge Municipality, DHI conducted an investigation to determine the environmental load from use of moderately polluted and coal fly ashes as filling material.
Denmark, 2004

Treatment of leachate from a deposit containing polluted soil and leachate from bung filling

The evaluated treatment technologies were two-stage precipitation, biological filter, adsorption on activated carbon, combined adsorption and biological treatment. Advantages and disadvantages were included in the assessments. The most critical parameters were metals and PAH.
Denmark, 2004

Discharge to marine environment, emission standards

Discussion of principles for determination of emission standards and evaluation of a specific situation
Denmark, 2004

A2SEA Monitoring of Jack Up Leg

A2SEA's two vessels are equipped with a jack up facility for use when the vessels are performing construction works in the wind mill power plants. However, some severe vibrations in the jack up legs were revealed under certain conditions when the vessels were jacked up. A2SEA requested a facility to monitor this malfunction and DHI provided the necessary equipment (i.e. computer, ad-converters, accelerometers and communication units) for remote recording of the vibrations. Subsequently A2SEA managed to interpret the information and make the necessary steps to ensure a proper functionality of the legs.
Denmark, 2004

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Esbjerg Harbour

Assessment of environmental effects of disposal of contaminated sediments in the Wadden Sea. Client: The Danish Coastal Authority.
Denmark, 2004

Impact of REACH on the environment and health

In the EU, a new chemicals legislation (REACH) is proposed. A systematic approach is being developed for assessing the impact of REACH on the environment and on human health. The benefits are being estimated in environmental and health terms as well as in economic terms.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Assessment of quality of studies

Assessment of the quality of ecotoxicity studies, which are going to be used for derivation of water quality standards for specific substances.
Denmark, 2004

Model simulation Aarhus Nord, True Forest

Investigation of effects on river flow and groundwater table introducing a new wellfield in True Skov. Simulation using an existing model.
Denmark, 2004

Quantification of colloid-facilitated transport of pesticides

The importance of colloid-facilitated transport of pesticides from farm lands are quantified. Laboratory-experiments are conducted and a new model-component is developed. The model-component can be used to simulate the leaching of pesticides from farm lands when colloid-facilitated transport are taken into account
Denmark, 2004-2006

Water Quality Standards

Derivation of Water Quality Standards according to the principles, which were derived the DK EPA by DHI (ERA). Substances: 1,1,1-Trichlorethan (CAS-RN 71-55-6), Tetrachlorethen (CAS-RN 127-18-4), 1,1,1-trichlorethen (CAS-RN 79-01-6) and 4-methylphenol (CAS-RN 41620-33-1)
Denmark, 2004

Groundwater vulnerability mapping and protection measures - Århus County, Southern part

Groundwater vulnerability mapping and protection measures are designed for an area in the Southern part of Århus County. DHI is responsible for hydrogeological modelling by developing and applying a groundwater model to evaluate water balances in the catchment.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Marine use of bottom ash from MSWI plants

Medium and large scale experiments to provide information on the leaching from slags used in marine fillings. Development and model for leaching of geochemical modelling of leaching.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Pesticide environmental assessment

Elaboration of draft environmental risk assessment and draft decision regarding (re)registration in Denmark of the active substances prochloraz and fenpyroximate and formulated plant protection products containing them. For both active substances, reviews of series of ecotoxicological test study reports are prepared, the quality of data evaluated and summaries regarding environmental properties of the chemicals are made.
Denmark, 2004

MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE 11, MIKE C-MAP and Litpack Training

Standard training course in MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE 11, MIKE C-MAP and LITPACK
Denmark, 2004

Production of surimi

By-products from herring are used as raw material in the production of surimi. The possibilities of recycling the large quantities of washing water, which are used in the surimi washing processes applying membrane filtration, are investigated in laboratory and pilot scale.
Denmark, 2004

Groundwater vulnerability mapping in Suså river basin

A general and specific mapping of vulnerable areas related to groundwater based water supply is carried out in the Suså river basin based on field and desk investigations.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Water Quality Standards

Derivation of Water Quality Standards according to the principles, which were derived for the DK EPA by DHI (ERA). Substances from contamination caused by a former chemical industry.
Denmark, 2004

Fine-grained Sediment Transport in Graadyb Tidal Area

Model simulations of the transport and sedimentation of fine-grained sediment dredged in Esbjerg Harbour and dumped in the Grådyb estuary. Establishment of transport pathways and sedimentation patterns. Possible long term consequences on morphology from dumping the sediment in the North Sea.
Denmark, 2004

Decision support tool for contaminated soil. Uptake of xenobiotics in crops

Based on experimental and modelling work previsously conducted by SHI, a decision support tool is being validated and combined with human risk assessment in relation to growth of crops in contaminated soil.
Denmark, 2004

EIA for Expansion of Skagen Port

Planned expansion of Skagen Port involving dredging and reclamation works as well as port construction works.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Technology Outlook - Water and Sanitation

Scanning of the global water and wastewater in a 10-15 year perspective.
Denmark, 2004

Regional Groundwater Protection by optimised organic farming system

The project is set up to investigate whether some of the management steps that characterise organic farming systems can change both quantity and quality of the groundwater compared with conventional farming. This particular concerns hydraulic parameters and dissolved organic carbon from the plough layer, which may promote a DOC-driven denitrification of leached nitrate in the subsoil.
Denmark, 2004-2005

A framework for using leaching test for non-volatile organic compounds

The main objective of this project was to develop a guidance document on selecting appropriate leaching methods for evaluating the leaching properties for non-volatile organic compounds from waste and contaminated soil and on interpreting leaching test results for impact assessment.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Extension of Hanstholm Harbour

A 2D numerical modelling study on the impacts of an extension of Hanstholm Harbour on the sedimentation of the outer harbour due to eddies induced on the breakwater heads.
Denmark, 2003


The harbour of Esbjerg is situated in the Danish Wadden Sea of the North Sea that is characterised by high tidal variations with a high load of suspended sediments. This causes siltation of Esbjerg Harbour requiring yearly maintenance dredging of approximately 460,000 m³ of which 40,000 m³ is too contaminated to be dumped into the Wadden Sea. The harbour has proposed that a confined disposal site with an area of 26 hectare and a volume of 520,000 m³ should be constructed at the shallow part of the Wadden Sea in the harbour area. This site will have a capacity for about 20 years of disposal. The surplus water will be discharged to the sea. DHI is preparing an EIA and an application for the environmental license for the project. A mathematical model has been set-up concerning discharge of contaminants (heavy metals, antifouling agents and organic pollutants like PAH) from the disposal site. It includes a physical model describing the dispersal of pollutants from all pollution sources in the area so that the impact on the environment from all sources can be assessed. Based on the model an ecotoxicological assessment of the impact from the present situation and with the impacts from the discharge from the confined disposal site has been carried out.
Denmark, 2003-2006

Assistance til DTC med Access database

Assistance in converting an Access 2000 database to a Access-97 database and in modifying certain functions in the database.
Denmark, 2003

Determination and Comparison of degradation rates for petroleum hydrocarbons specific for the Halskov site

Development and improvement of tools for investigation and risk assessment of groundwater contamination from petroleum hydrocarbons.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Methods for Estimation of Investigation Uncertainties for Contaminated Sites

Development of methods for quantifying the associated uncertainty in the description of the contaminant distribution and of guidelines for investigations of soil, groundwater and soil vapour at contaminated sites in relation to a required degree of precision.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Udledning af vandkvalitetskriterier (VKK) til danske amter

Derivation of Water Quality Standards (WQS) for 15 organic substances and barium. The organic substances were selected on the basis of their occurrence in wastewater samples from Danish WWTPs.
Denmark, 2003-2004

ABC vurderinger af stoffer i bilvaskeprodukter til Miljøstyrelsens hjemmeside

ABC evaluations of substances in products used by the carwash industry. The results are going to be published at the Danish EPA Website every six months.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Sammenligning af vand på flaske og ledningsført drikkevand

The increase in sales of bottled water indicates increasing consumer mistrust of public drinking water supply. The aim of this project is to compare the quality of bottled water and tap water and to show that the public water supply is safe, good and cheap.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Hydraulic assessment and evaluation of restoration options for the stream Nordkanal-Søborghus Rende

Storm-water overflow causes flooding and backwater effect that pollute the Lake Utterslev. A MIKE 11 model was used for analyzing the effects of change design of the stream and the lake outlet for reduction of pollution load to the lake, improving the fauna passage and prevented flooding.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Amager Beach Park, Master Plan and Detailed Design

Municipalities in Greater Copenhagen have decided to create a new beach park at the East Coast of the island of Amager, which is located very close to the centre of Copenhagen in a densely populated area. The present study is the detailed design phase, which also includes preparation of tender documents and construction supervision. DHI is subconsultant to NIRAS on hydraulic matters.
Denmark, 2003-2005

Investigation of retardation and degradation of PAH and TBT in Sediments

Literature study for investigation of sorption and degradation of PAH and TBT in deposits for contaminated sediments.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Datasøgning til VKK for dichlorethylen

Data search for derivation of Water Quality Standard for 1,2-dichloroethylene and its cis and trans forms.
Denmark, 2003

3D Modelling of the Retention Tanks at Ejby Mølle Sewage Treatment Plant

Optimisation of storm water retention tanks, retro-fit for enhanced removal of suspended sediments, at Ejby Mølle Sewage Treatment Plant. The projects involved modelling of the flow distribution between 8 retention tanks using a simplified MIKE 11 model and detailled modelling of the flow and settling in the tanks using NS3. An important part of the project was to estimate enhancement of removal of suspended solids with installation of TURBO Floc or Lamella separators in the tanks.
Denmark, 2003

Cleaner Production Audit in the Biotech Industry

Cleaner production audit in a Danish Biotech industry with focus on water and energy consumption. The project aims at identifying process integration solutions for water and energy reuse and to modify production processes to save water, energy and raw material consumption.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Gedser Harbour - New Jetty

Wave disturbance study due to the extension of the jetty Iskajen on the east side of Gedser Harbour.
Denmark, 2003

VVM Amager Strandpark

The munucipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and Copenhagen County have decided to construct a new beach park at the east coast of Amager, the so-called Amager Strandpark. The partnership Amager Strandpark I/S has been formed with the purpose of planning, designing and constructing the beach park. DHI has performed the Environmental Impact Assessment for the beach park. Hasløv & Kjærsgaard, Architects and Planners and NIRAS, Consulting Engineers and Planners have acted as subconsultants to DHI.
Denmark, 2003

Human bioaccessibility of selected soil contaminants

Establishment and application of test for human bio-accessibility of cadmium, lead, nickel, benzo(a)pyrene and dibenz(a,h)anthracene in 7 contaminated soils.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Mærsk TEE Load Calculations

Calculation of wave loads on platform deck structure.
Denmark, 2003

Danish implementation of the criteria for acceptance of waste at landfills

Assistance to the Danish EPA in the implementation of the new criteria for landfilling into Danish legislation. Adjustment and application of the rist assessment model used by the TAC to Danish conditions.
Denmark, 2003-2005

Kildesporing ved fænotypisk karakterisering af Enterokokker

Bacterial source tracking in recreational water by phenotyping.
Denmark, 2003

Setting of limit values for landfilling at Klintholm I/S

For Klintholm I/S (a landfill operator) DHI has performed a study to determine the maximum allowable levels of leaching from landfilled material taking into account the nearby freshwater and saltwater recipients.
Denmark, 2003

Evaluation of Drag Coefficients for H-beams

The wave impact on eight H-profiles was simulated by NS3. 40 different cases, with various spacing and inundation, were simulated.
Denmark, 2003

Catchment modelling of N load to Ringkøbing Fiord

The catchment N load to Ringkøbing Fiord has to decrease in order to maintain the ecological status of the Fiord. An advanced, integrated flow and transport model based on MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 is developed and used to assess the impact of various changes in the catchment to the Fiord.
Denmark, 2003

Ballerup - MIKE URBAN models for Water Distribution, Waste Water and Storm Water Collection Systems

Building of hydraulic models for Water supply network, sanitary sewer and storm water system. The models are build in MIKE NET and MOUSE, but will as part of the project be merged into MIKE Urban.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Mini marked survey of water quality testing

Performance of a mini marked survey identifying applications, determining requirements, estimating market size and identifying competing technologies in preparation for the development of a sensor for detection of microbial quality in water.
Denmark, 2003

Danish Water Environment Plan III

Various measures to reduce nutrient load to Odense Fiord are evaluated through the development of an integrated surface water and groundwater model. The model is based on the MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 modelling codes.
Denmark, 2003

Copenhagen - Online Model of Water Distribution Network

Online use of a stategic model of the all main pipes in the water distribution network in Copenhagen - incl. Transport pipes from the 7 water works situated up to 40 km outside the city.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Additives to petroleum products

Available information on additives to gasoline and diesel is compiled as first approach to establishing an early warning of new additives with potential for contamination of soil and groundwater.
Denmark, 2003

Scenario Analysis for Marine Eutrophication in Danish Waters

This project aims at providing a solid basis for the ongoing discussion of the needs to improve the nutrient load reductions to the Danish waters. The project focusses on the marine environment and assesses the effects of various reduction schemes.
Denmark, 2003

Thorsminde Port, New Brealwaters

The plan layout of the new protection structures for Thorsminde Harbour has been optimised by use of 2D numerical modelling tools (especially MIKE 21 CAMS) from the point of view of minimising sedimentation of the harbour entrance and maintaining a safe minimum depth.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Investigation of pollution - Brådebæksvej 33G

Investigation of possible contamination of building site by establishment of three borings and analyses of three soil samples.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link - Marine Biology Services

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link shall be constructed before year 2018. DHI Denmark and partners are responsible for the development and execution of a state-of-the art and innovative Marine Biology Service that will secure a flawless and timely EIA process.
Denmark and Germany, 2008-2011

Fehmarnbelt Marine Mammals FEMM

Framework Contract for Marine Mammals studies for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Environmental studies, undertaken by BioConsult with associates (Cefas & DHI)
Denmark-Germany, 2009

FEHY Monitoring System Operation

Design, deployment and operation of three online monitoring stations and ten offline monitoring stations
Denmark-Germany, 2008-2012

Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link is undergoing comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment investigations. One of the components is the Coastal Morphology Impact Assessment. Two alternative layouts are going through the EIA investigations, a bridge alternative and a tunnel alternative, respectively.
Denmark/Germany, 2010

FEHY Monthly Ship Borne Survey

The project is concerned with collecting hydrographical data in the Fehmarnbelt region. Data are collected from a survey vessel. Collected data include: Profiles of Salinity, temperature, sediment concentrations, oxygen, chl-a, PAR, current profiles and weather data.
Denmark/Germany, 2009-2011

Sediment Transport Studies

The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link shall be constructed before year 2018. DHI Denmark and partners are responsible for the development and execution of state-of-the art hydrographic services based on in-depth knowledge of the complex local conditions around the project site and in the Baltic.
Denmark/Germany, 2009-2010

Fixed Stations Design & Monitoring System Operation

Design, deployment and operation of three online monitoring stations and ten offline monitoring stations
Denmark/Germany, 2008-2012

INTERREG IIIA - Pollution Source Partnership in the Øresund Region

The project establishes a partnership between the local environmental authorities in the Øresund Region. The objective is to develop and share knowledge on how to reduce the wastewater discharges of priority pollutants from sources.
Denmark/Sweden, 2006-2008

Implementation of the WFD for Matsalu Sub-River Basin District

DHI Water & Environment is responsible for the implementation of the project and transfer of GIS tools to the Estonian Ministry of Environment and River Basin Authorities. The information and model systems are used to facilitate the definition of reference situation, assessing the likelihood of meeting the water quality objectives for various anthropogenic stresses, monitoring planning, priorities investment schemes, program of measures, and hence preparation of river basin action plans.
Estonia, 2003-2004

Safe Food Production Irrigating with Low Quality Water - SAFIR

The SAFIR project aims at safe and high quality food production using low quality waters and improved irrigation systems and management. 17 partners from Europe, China and Israel are involved. DHI focuses at model integration for selected sites and scenario simulations for a DSS.
EU, 2005-2009

Leirvik Havn

Wave disturbance study for new harbour layout
Faroe Islands, 2006

Wave Disturbance in Porkeri Harbour

A new breakwater is proposed to be built at Porkeri Harbour. The main purpose is to shelter the existing harbour against, primarily, south-eastern waves. DHI was commissioned to undertake the assessment of the wave disturbance in the harbour and the effect of the proposed breakwater.
Faroe Islands, 2005

Skuvoyar Harbour

Model tests with investigation of wave disturbance in improved layouts of the harbour. Model tests with investigations of the stability conditions for the breakwater structures in the final layout of the harbour
Faroe Islands, 2004-2005

Klaksvíkar Harbour

Numerical wave simulations with Klaksvíkar Harbour. The purposes were 1) to determine the incoming wave conditions and 2) to determine the wave disturbance in the harbour for different development stages of the harbour.
Faroe Islands, 2004

Wave Conditions at New Land Reclamation south of Bordoyarvik Harbour

Numerical modelling of wave disturbance at Klakvik and establishment of design wave conditions for land reclamation south of Bordoyarvik Harbour. Assessment of design for rock placement for stability and overtopping conditions
Faroe Islands, 2003

Hydrographic Consultancy and Assistance

Hydrographic consultancy and assistance to the Office of Public Works (Landsverkfrodingurin) on the Faroe Islands.
Faroe Islands, 2003-2004

Nolsø Harbour - Southern Breakwater

Breakwater stability tests were carried out in a wave basin in order to optimise the breakwater cross-section and the breakwater roundhead
Faroe Islands, 2003

Baltic Connector

Hindcast of wave and current conditions for future gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia.
Finland, 2005-2006

Leaching of DOC from waste materials

Leaching of DOC from waste materials are determined by different methods and compared to regulatory requirements in the landfill directive. Methods for DOC-leaching and DOC-analysis are compared and recommendations concerning choise of methods are given.
Finland, 2004

Nouvelle Route du Littoral, Île de La Réunion - 2D and 3D Model Tests

A new 14km long coastal road is planned constructed between the two cities of St Denis and La Possession on the French Island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. DHI has been commissioned to carry out physical model tests to investigate the stability and overtopping conditions of the structures
France, 2011-2012

La Vilaine Estuary

La Vilaine Estuary has been subject to siltation after construction of a tidal barrage. Hydrodynamic modelling and field data collection is prepared in order to determine a new flushing strategy/operation of the barrage to reduce siltation. The study is in collaboration with DHI-France.
France, 2007-2011

Shoreline Management in Vendée

Shoreline management of the Vendée coastline.
France, 2007

Tank Failure, Numerical Analyses of Forces on Side Walls

Analyses of the flow from circular tanks during failure. The tank height is from 10 m to 20 m. The hole is 0.5 m x 0.5 m. The force on adjacent walls is calculated and analysed.
France, 2006

Plage de la Nourriguel, phase 3

2D numerical modelling study for the design of a nourished beach inside the Lorient estuary. The investigations include modelling of nearshore wave transformation, hydrodynamic flow and sediment transport.
France, 2005

Seine Flood Forecasting

Development of hydrological and hydrodynamic models for forecasting floods in the Seine River basin including Paris
France, 2005-2007

Morgat Harbour and Beach Study

DHI carried out a 2D numerical modelling study of the entire Bay of Morgat in connection with the extension and beach restoration at the Harbour of Crozon-Morgat, France. The investigations included modelling of nearshore wave transformation, hydrodynamic flow and sediment transport.
France, 2005

Flow model tests with weir structures, Loire

Numerical and physical model testing of weir structures
France, 2003

CFD Model, Intake Jade

DHI has been contracted by FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG / Gas de France to perform a detailed hydrodynamic study of the flow around two proposed cooling water intake structures at Wilhelmshaven, Jade.
Germany, 2009

Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm - Metocean Data for Design and Operational Conditions

Establishment of metocean operational and design data for Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm (DE)
Germany, 2009

Borkum Riffgrund Offshore Wind Farm 1 and 2 - Metocean Data

Update of metocean study for the Borkum Riffgrund Offshore Wind Farm to provide extreme and operational parameters covering a total period of 14 years (1994-2007).
Germany, 2009

Load cell, Braunschweig University

Supply of 3-component load cell for hydraulic model tests
Germany, 2006

Water reclamation technologies for safe artificial ground water recharge

The aim is to provide effective technologies to monitor and mitigate emerging risks posed by chemical contaminants and pathogens in reclaimed waste water used in groundwater recharge. DHI will analyse microbiological reactions and pathogen removal.
Germany, 2005-2008

Conceptual flood management, Flöha River

Identification of suitable flood management options for the Flöha River in Saxony and assessment of their hydraulic and economic efficiency
Germany, 2003

Water Resources Management of Northern Greece

The project is implementing a comprehensive Water resources management system to assist the Government of Greece in the general planning and management of the country's water resources in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive.
Greece, 2003-2006

Water Resources Management of Central Greece

The project is implementing a comprehensive Water resources management system to assist the Government of Greece in the general planning and management of the country's water resources in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive.
Greece, 2003-2006

Relocation of tap water intake in Tasersuaq (Great Lake), Qawortoq, Greenland

To quantify the risk of withdrawing water of an inadequate quality to the water utility in Qaqortoq (former Julianehåb)
Greenland, 2006

Organic waste from the food industry

Environmental Audits are carried out to map the emission of organic waste from food processing industries in Greenland. Based on the Environmental Audits, technologies for wastewater and waste treatment are identified.
Greenland, 2004-2005

Thule Air Base - Landfill Face Stabilisation

Determination of the design wave and ice conditions for a coast protection along three stretches off the coast of Thule and evaluation of the proposals for the coast protection profiles
Greenland, 2003-2004

Ferry Harbour at Bakkafjara

Feasibility study of new ferry harbour at the south coast of Iceland. Morphological analysis and littoral transport.
Iceland, 2006-2007

Waste to Energy Dublin, Oral Hearing

Participation in Oral Hearing for Dublin WtE environmental impact statement
Ireland, 2007

Greystones Harbour

Wave disturbance in harbour and marina due to waves overtopping the breakwaters and waves transmitted through the harbour entrance (3D). Furthermore, 2D stability tests of breakwater and rock revetment serving as coastal protection north of the harbour.
Ireland, 2006

Dublin Waste to Energy Project

3D numerical model thermal plume studies for recirculation and environmental impact studies. MIKE 3 is applied in Liffey tidal estuary and Dublin Port to simulate thermal plume and dispersion of biocides. Simulations are assessed for input to Environmental Impact Statement.
Ireland, 2006

Irish Coastal Strategy II

Development of storm surge model based on MIKE 21 FM, for Irish coasts.
Ireland, 2004

Hydrometry & Hydrology study of Lough Neagh & Lower Bann

Model support for Kirk McClure Morton in setting up a MIKE FLOOD system including MIKE 11 advanced control structure module for controlling hydraulic conditions in regulated river reach downstream of the lake; Lough Neagh
Ireland, 2004-2006

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy

Ireland Coastal Protection Strategy Study. Assistance to the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resc. for strategic review of coastal protection and examination of policy options.
Ireland, 2003

Venice Forecast System

Continuation and upgrade of Venice Forecast System. Time series analysis, upgrade of statistical model, data assimilation of water levels, set up of wave forecasting and maintenance of system for 2006 and 2007
Italy, 2007-2008

Metocean Studies, Snamprogetti - Rammeaftale

Rammeaftale med henblik på Metocean m.v. ad hoc studier
Italy, 2005-2006

Venezia Long Sea Outfall

Design and impact evaluation of planned submerged long sea outfall from Fussina to the Adriatic Sea. The impact assessment comprises the MIKE 3 FM model of the Laguna di Venezia and parts of the Adriatic Sea describing currents, fine sediment deposition, eutrophication and heavy metals.
Italy, 2005

Gioia Tauro Port Expansion

Consultation for the review of expansion plans and studies. The aim of the expansion is to accommodate a new generation of large container vessels at the port, which is a major transshipment hub in the Mediterranean Sea
Italy, 2005-2006


Morphological investigation of the dynamics in the system at confluence of the rivers Sesia and Po.
Italy, 2004

Trino Vercellese

MIKE 21C is used for simulation of the morphological response of the Po river due to the demolition of the Trino Vercellese weir.
Italy, 2004

Improved Water Forecast by Integrating Earth Observation Products

The purpose of this project is to add value to satellite derived Earth Observation (EO) products, by making them more accessible through integration in the Water Forecast. A great deal of satellite derived EO measurements are taken continuously, but their value is only exploited to a small degree due to their generally incessible format. In this project GRAS and ARGOSS operate a Value Adding Company (VAC) processing.
Italy, 2003-2005

Livorno Harbour Layout Optimisation

Numerical modelling of wave disturbance for layout optimisation of a new harbour basin in Livorno Harbour, Italy
Italy, 2003-2004

Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour

Numerical modelling of wave agitation for the development of a new marina
Italy, 2003

Effect of Passing Vessel on moored Vessel at Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour

Physical model tests to determine the effect on a container vessel moored along the new proposed container quay at Calata Bettolo, Genova Harbour, due to a passing vessel
Italy, 2003

Genova Harbour East Entrance Marina

Numerical wave modelling of wave agitation for the development of a new marina
Italy, 2003

Regional Water Supply System Val di Susa

The new water supply main transmission system was proposed in the Valle di Susa as a part of preparations for the Olympic Games 2006
Italy, 2003

Klaipeda Port Project

Installation of two wave/current monitoring devices and one current monitoring device at a water depth of 10m inside and outside Klaipeda Seaport, Lithuania.
Lithuania, 2004

Institutional strengthening for EU implementation of requirements on GMO, IPPC, eliminate change (GHG) and chemicals

Assistance on implementation of EU requirements on chemicals, genetic modified organisms (GMO), BAT (best available technology and integrated pollution prevention and control, climatic change (Green House Gasses, GHG). The project includes transposition of legal acts, development of institutional structures, training, conduction of demonstration projects and general development of policies.
Lithuania, 2003-2004

Tools for Groundwater and Surface Water Analysis during Implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Implementation of model tools for surface and groundwater analysis using MIKE 11, MIKE BASIN and MIKE SHE. Assessment of water quality in line with the requirements in the EU Water Framework Directive.
Lithuania, 2003-2004

Hot spot remediation, Macedonia

Four industrial hot spots are subject fro remediation measures against soil and groundwater pollution. DHI assisted in determination of remediation proedures, evaluation of soil and groundwater pollution as well as risk assessment.
Macedonia, 2007-2008

Maasvlakte 2 Breakwater Stability Tests

2D and 3D model tests, 3D tests with short-crested waves.
Netherlands, 2008

Uncertainty from sampling

In the project, methods for uncertainty in sampling will be tested for 4 different applications (mining industry, food production, waste water and groundwater), the test results will be presented in application examples, and the use of the methods will be disseminated in a Nordic workshop. Furthermore, the project group will contribute to the work in an international working group preparing a guideline for estimation of uncertainty from sampling. DHI is project coordinator and provide the testing within groundwater sampling. Co-operation with the county of Århus and a small sampling company (a SMV).
Norden, 2005-2007

Pilot Project - Bjørvika

The technical project comprises the following parts: *Development of a slurry mixing system, which can produce a homogeneous slurry with certain characteristics *Development of a tremie device, equipped with a diffusor section which enables undisturbed and environmentally safe placement of the slurry on top of a labile bed sediment *Experimental procedures to describe the consolidation and the resuspension characteristics of the capping layer *Monitoring methods and procedures to document the placement and the impacts on the environment.
Norway, 2004

EKOFISK Tank cleaning feasibility study

DHI, together with LIC-Engineering and NIRAS, conducted a feasibility study for the cover of contaminated sediments in inner and outer annuli of the oil rig.
Norway, 2003-2004

Modelling of steam remediation, STRESOIL

Design of steam injection test site and advice on modelling of steam injection as a remediation measure.
Poland, 2004-2006

Water Management Information System

The goal of the project is to design, develop and implement a Water Resources Management Information System for the Republic of Serbia.
Republic of Serbia, 2007-2008

Flood Risk Assessment

Review of existing topographical data and resent floods. Establish and apply hydrological models to identify flood prone areas and to determine flood protection measures to be taken reducing this risk.
Romania, 2006-2008

Road at Odoptu

Coastal stability study at Odoptu on Sakhalin Island in Russia. The project includes a detailed wave hindcast study and a forecast of shoreline evolution and retreat of bluff line; the coastline evolution model is calibrated against satellite images.
Russia, 2007-2008

Platform Scour Protection, Sakhalin II, Phase 2

Model tests for the platform scour protection for two Gravity Based Structure (GBS) production platforms, PA-B and LUN-A, to be placed east of Sakhalin at 30 m and 48 m of water depth, respectively. The main scope of work covered testing of three types of scour protection design for each platform.
Russia, 2005

Tatar Strait Tidal Forecast

A pipeline connecting Russia to Sakhalin Island is proposed to be built. The pipeline will be built in a relatively shallow area, which necessitates the prediction of tidal level in the area in question. DHI was commissioned to deliver tidal and current forecast based on MIKE21 HD simulations. Tidal constituents were used as boundary conditions in the model.
Russia, 2004

Platform Scour Protection, Sakhalin

Model tests for the platform scour protection including evaluation of the stability of different scour protection layouts, assessment of the scour pattern of the surrounding seabed and evaluation of the stability of the filter layer during the installation phase
Russia, 2004

Pre-Feasibility Study with the Master Plan of the Belgrade Sewerage System

Feasibility study with the master plan for the sewerage system serving 1,5 million people in the city of Belgrade, Serbia
Serbia, 2008-2009

Masterplan and Feasibility Study for Inland Waterway Transports for Serbia

Master plan and feasibility study for improvement of inland waterways transportation on the Danube, Sava and Tisa Rivers within Serbia. DHI task was to carry out hydraulic modelling and EIA of the feasibility studies.
Serbia, 2003-2006


Establishment of client server flood forecasting system and training of staff
Slovenia, 2009-2012


Development of a forecasting system for Mur River in Slovenia. The Forecasting system is a part of the transboundary forecasting system for Mur River. Automatic Forecasting is performed at the international forecasting centre in Graz, Austria.
Slovenia, 2005-2006

Wavemaker, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Wave Generating System, control and data acquisition system and sensors for wave flume
Spain, 2007

MONITUS, Wave Recordings

In connection with the EU-supported MONITUS project concerning safety of fast-ferry operations, DTU/MEK requested DHI to conduct a 2-month wave measurement program at a deepwater position SW of Palma de Mallorca. The field operations were subcontracted to CEDEX, Spain and DHI provided QA and additional interpretation of the wave data.
Spain, 2003

Mitigation of flow distribution and sedimentation problems in the Klarälven delta in the city of Karlstad

Klarälven forms a delta at Karlstad. Sedimentation has been a problem at the first bifurcation in the delta, resulting in an unstable flow distribution. DHI studied with a morphological modeling whether this could be mitigated by a groyne field, while flooding was addressed with a floodplain model.
Sweden, 2009-2010

Coastal Study Trelleborg

Coastal study for Trelleborg Municipality. Baseline coastal description, establishment of littoral drift budget, description of coastal erosion conditions and influence of sea level rise on erosion and coastal flooding. Description of possibilities for establishing a beach park west of Trelleborg Port. Modelling of water quality conditions along the coast.
Sweden, 2007-2008

Catchment deliniation of a large number of lakes

In connection with the Water Framework Directive DHI carry out a detailed GIS analyses of the cathcments for a large number of lakes in the Northern Sweden.
Sweden, 2006

Lillgrund Wind Mill Park, Monitoring

Monitoring of current and waves in connection with a wind mill project
Sweden, 2006-2008

Citytunnel, Malmö, Groundwater Issues

During the construction of the underground train tunnel and stations in Malmö the DHI has supervised the Swedish Railways on groundwater issues including groundwater lowering and re-infiltration to maintain lowest possible environmental impact and minimise pumping yield.
Sweden, 2005-2006

Testing of Models for Risk Assessment under Swedish Conditions

Alternative model codes for risk assessment will be tested for two sites in Sweden. The model codes include advanced and simple codes and recommendations on the different approaches have been developed.
Sweden, 2005-2006

Spill Monitoring at Lillgrund

Monitoring and operational modelling of sediment spill in connection with construction of a wind mill farm at Lillgrund, Øresund
Sweden, 2005-2006

Nuclear Waste modelling

The spreading of nuclear waste contaminated groundwater to a wetland and to surface water bodies in a discharge area in Sweden will be investigated through the application of an integrated hydrological model.
Sweden, 2005

Review of solute transport models

Groundwater solute transport models for risk analyses is being reviewed in order to propose which models to use for risk assessment under various conditions.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Investigation and sampling strategies for contaminated sites

Development of strategies for sampling and investigation of contaminated sites.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Environmental assessment of phosphogypsum island

Assessment of the status of leaching from phosphogypsum island in Øresund near Landskrona. The work includes both field studies, lab testing and modelling.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Methodology for leaching tests and bioaccessibility tests as tools for risk assessment of contaminated soil

Leaching tests are useful tools for risk assessment of contaminated soil. Guidelines for use and interpretation of leaching tests and other soil tests are prepared.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Environmental Assessment of wastewater discharge from airports

An evaluation of environmental effects from emission of wastewater from Nordic airports is being carried out as part of the project. The wastewater occurs when aircraft and runways are de-iced, and when aircraft are cleaned. The project screens the best available technologies for treatment and reuse of wastewater. A network of environmental managers is established and as a result of the project, a large-scale R&D programme is designed.
Sweden, 2003

Nord Stream - Monitoring of Water Quality in Swedish and Danish Waters

Online and vessel based monitoring of sediment spill in connection with dredging operations.
Sweden and Denmark, 2010-2011

Turkey Institutional Building and access to Information

The project will enable Turkey to achieve a high level of env. protection and compliance with the EU environmental information directives. This will be achieved through institutional building and development of an Environmental Information System.
Turkey, 2004-2005

Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm - Metocean Study

Metocean parameters relevant to the design, installation and operation
United Kingdom, 2011-2012

London Array Wind Farm. Monitoring in Real-time of Waves and Current in 3 locations

Design, procurement and installation of instrumentation Data collection, quality assurance and display of data in real time on the WEB. Client: London Array Ltd.
United Kingdom, 2010-2013

Walney Offshore Wind Farm

Design, procurement and installation of equipment. Data collection, quality assurance and presentation in real time on the WEB Service on instrumentation. Client: Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarm Ltd.
United Kingdom, 2010-2012

London Array - Offshore Wind Farm - Operation Metocean Forecast

In connection with the London Array Wind farm DHI and associates were commissioned to establish an operational Metocean forecast system with 24/7 hotline support during the construction phase. The system is supported by online measurements of waves, currents and tide.
United Kingdom, 2010-2013

SMART Mooring System Tests

DHI has carried out an extensive wave tank model test programme for an offshore FPSO mooring system named SMART. The model tests were carried out in the DHI offshore test facility. The purpose of the project was to test the SMART mooring system under different environmental conditions in order to enable a better understanding and prediction of the response of the SMART system and the moored vessel.
United Kingdom, 2008

Tidal Flow and Wave Modelling, Orkney Islands

DHI have used the developed models to operate the Orkney Island models in a real-time operational forecasting mode. This provides hourly overview maps of selected metocean parameters from the model, and also a detailed forecast for 48 hours. The operational model is forced by 0.1-0.15° wind field data and directional spectral wave data from DHI's operational Northern European wave model, which is dynamically linked to DHI's operational North Atlantic wave model.
United Kingdom, 2008-2010

Mersey Gateway Hydraulic Review Study

Review of hydraulic and sediment transport studies for the Mersey Gateway Project.
United Kingdom, 2007-2008

London Array - Bed Level Change

Assessment of expected natural bed erosion at wind turbine location for future wind mill farm in the outer Thames estuary.
United Kingdom, 2007

Manchester Ship Canal - MIKE3 Training

Training in use of MIKE3 + EcoLab. Customer is establishing a model of the Manchester Ship Canal.
United Kingdom, 2007

Burbo Monitoring

Monitoring of current and waves in connection with a wind farm project.
United Kingdom, 2006-2007

GSpan, Saipem

Supply of DHI GSpan software for analysis of pre-spanning pipelines. GSpan is part of the Dynamic Seapipe System (DSS).
United Kingdom, 2005-2006

CONCAWE Assessment

CONCAWE risk assessment related to the oil installations in EU and groundwater. The project is related to the new draft EU Daughter Directive on groundwater. Task 1&2 include collection of information on existing data in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
United Kingdom, 2005

Lynn & Inner Dowsing Wind Farm

A series of model tests has been carried out in order to establish the design basis for the scour protection and for the determination of wave and current loads on a proposed wind turbine foundation of the Lynn & Inner Dowsing Wind Farm, UK.
United Kingdom, 2005

Kirkwall Marina - Layout Optimisation

Hydraulic model tests in 3D wave basin for verification of modified port layout aimed at reducing wave disturbance
United Kingdom, 2005

Wave Run-up, Burbo Offshore Wind Farm

Assessment of wave run-up under different wave conditions. The wave run-up was studied with DHI's in-house CFD software, NS3, that includes the effect of breaking and broken waves
United Kingdom, 2004-2005

M21SW training, NDE UK

MIKE 21 SW training
United Kingdom, 2004

Flood Risk Assessment for Lincoln

A Flood Risk Assessment for the City of Lincoln, using MIKE 11 to simulate the effects of active floodplain storage areas upstream of the city
United Kingdom, 2003

Shoreline Protection Newbiggin Bay

Optimisation of shoreline protection scheme through mathematical and physical modelling. Wave transformation study, local wave-driven hydrodynamics around coastal structures. Shoreline impact assessment. Stability analysis of coastal structures.
United Kingdom, 2003

Sprogø Wind Farm: Geomorphology and Coastal Morphology. Baseline Description and Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) related to the erection of Sprogø Wind Farm north of Sprogø in the central part of the Great Belt.Sprogø, which is partially an artificial island, links the eastern and western parts of the Great Belt Link connecting the two Danish Islands Zealand and Funen with bridges and a tunnel. The EIA consisted of assessing the impact on geomorphology and coastal morphology. Impacts during the construction period, operational period and after decommissioning were assessed.
¨Denmark, 2008
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