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Groundwater, Soil and Waste

Dose-response relations between sediment contaminants and benthic invertebrate communities

The aim of the Rebecca project was to establish a connection between pressure and quality elements of the Water Framework Directive and to create tools to estimate the surface connection. The project was carried out in close co-operation with the GIG groups which led the calibration processes of the Water Framework Directive in the implementation process of the Directive.
Belgium, 2004-2008

Environmental risk assessment of kemikaliedepot Kærgård Klitplantage

The environmental toxicity of one specific chemical substance and of a sample of contaminated groiundwater are investigated by means of acute and chronic ecotoxicological tests with marine organisms representing, algae, bluegreen algae, crustaceans, polychaetes and fish. Environmental risk assessment based on single substances in the sample and on the toxicity of the complexly contaminated sample.
Danmark, 2005-2006

Fortolkning af REACH med fokus på kemikaliebranchen

REACH undervisning
Danmark, 2005

National Competent Authority Report on herbicide, draft for the Danish EPA

Elaboration of environmental parts of Competent Authorities' background reports on the active substance zoxamide and a formulated plant protection product containing it.
Danmark, 2005

Environmental assessment of the landfill, Lynettedeponiet in Copenhagen Harbour

DHI has for CPH City & Port Development and Environment Centre Roskilde under the Danish Ministry of Environment investigated contamination level in harbour sediment deposited in an onshore landfill and modelled the impact on the surrounding sea.
Denmark, 2009

Basic characterisation of harbour sediment - Esbjerg Harbour

Sampling and basic characterisation of harbour sediment in accordance with the Danish implementation of the EU landfill directive and the associated Council Decision.
Denmark, 2009

constructionEnvironmetal assessment for landfill at Port of Holbæk

DHI has for Port of Holbæk and Environment Centre Roskilde under the Danish Ministry of Environment investigated contamination level in harbour sediment deposited in an onshore landfill and modelled the impact on the surrounding fjord.
Denmark, 2009

Impact assessment of new well field locations and groundwater abstractions

The MIKE SHE - MIKE 11model system was applied to make an environmental impact assessment of several new well field locations and groundwater abstraction levels. An existing numerical model was adapted to the Lemming area outside Århus and three scenarios were tested.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Flooding in Greve caused by high sea levels in Køge Bay.

MIKE FLOOD modelling of Greve
Denmark, 2008-2010

Enlargement of Copenhagen Harbour, Input to the EIA

EIA of a harbour enlargement in Copenhagen. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Climate change impact on flooding in Greve

Development of the modelling framework for calculation of Flood risk in Greve city
Denmark, 2008-2009

New Coal Pier at Stigsnæs Power Plant. Input to the EIA

EIA for extension of the coal terminal at Stigsnæs power plant. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Water Framework Directive Implementation

Facilitation of the implementation of the water framework directive in the Roskilde Fiord catchment through formulation of measures to reduce the pressure on the fiord.
Denmark, 2007

Impact of climate changes in Greve municipality

Impact from long term climate changes on groundwater levels in a coastal area is investigated through scenario modelling using MIKE SHE. Risk for leakage into sewer systems and buildings is also assessed.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Suså indsatsplan - nitrat

Borewells with nitrate and xenobiotics were analysed to evaluate whether the measurements were related to particular groundwater reservoirs, depth, open wells etc. with the aim of narrowing down the nitrate sensitive area.
Denmark, 2006

Electrochemical remediation of groundwater contamination on Cheminova-site in Ballerup

Building and testing of facility for electrochemical remediation of groundwater contamination on Cheminova-site in Ballerup. Different set-ups for the reactor are tested and data for long term use of the reactor recorded.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden in Denmark using integrated groundwater-surface water modelling (MIKE SHE/MIKE 11).
Denmark, 2005-2006

Checklists for contaminated site investigations

Based upon Danish regulations and guidelines, checklist for required elements in investigations of contaminated sites will be established. International guidelines for site investigations will be included.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Investigations at Ringe Tjære- og Asfaltfabrik

The pollution situation and remediation possibilities are investigated. As part of this investigation the potential for natural attenuation is investigated by degradation experiments.
Denmark, 2005-2006

Human bioaccessibility of selected soil contaminants

Evaluation of relation between human bioaccessibility and bioavailability of cadmium and lead from soils with 2 modified test methods.
Denmark, 2005

Evaluation of phytoremediation as clean-up method

Investigation of the possibility of using phytoremediation in conjunction with reductive dechlorination as remediation on a specific site.
Denmark, 2005

OECD Test Guidelines Programme 2005

Expert assistance for the Danish EPA for OECD Test Guidelines. Through participation in expert working groups and commenting on draft guidelines, ERA has been engaged in the development and revision of OECD Test Guidelines for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology for years.
Denmark, 2005

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Roemoe Harbour

Assessment of dispersion and environmental impact of sediment disposal from Roemoe Harbour.
Denmark, 2005

Assessment of Dilution at Kærgård Plantation

Assessment of dilution of percolat seepage from waste deposit in sandy coastal area.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Pestsurf II

56 simulations ith the PestSurf-model and a corresponding set of FOCUSsw-model runs will be carried out in order to compare results and outline an evaluation procedure for the PestSurf results in time and space.
Denmark, 2004-2005

OECD Test Guidelines Programme 2004

Expert assistance for the Danish EPA for OECD Test Guidelines. Through participation in expert working groups and commenting on draft guidelines, ERA has been engaged in the development and revision of OECD Test Guidelines for aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology for years.
Denmark, 2004

Strategy for investigation of fuel oil spill from domestic tanks

A strategy shall be developed for investigation of fuel oil spills from leaking domestic tanks.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Environmental risk assessment of active ingredient

Assessment of biodegradation, aquatic toxicity and environmental risk of active ingredient
Denmark, 2004

Environmental Licence for Sediment Disposal, Esbjerg Harbour

Assessment of environmental effects of disposal of contaminated sediments in the Wadden Sea. Client: The Danish Coastal Authority.
Denmark, 2004

Quantification of colloid-facilitated transport of pesticides

The importance of colloid-facilitated transport of pesticides from farm lands are quantified. Laboratory-experiments are conducted and a new model-component is developed. The model-component can be used to simulate the leaching of pesticides from farm lands when colloid-facilitated transport are taken into account
Denmark, 2004-2006

Marine use of bottom ash from MSWI plants

Medium and large scale experiments to provide information on the leaching from slags used in marine fillings. Development and model for leaching of geochemical modelling of leaching.
Denmark, 2004-2006

Pesticide environmental assessment

Elaboration of draft environmental risk assessment and draft decision regarding (re)registration in Denmark of the active substances prochloraz and fenpyroximate and formulated plant protection products containing them. For both active substances, reviews of series of ecotoxicological test study reports are prepared, the quality of data evaluated and summaries regarding environmental properties of the chemicals are made.
Denmark, 2004

Groundwater vulnerability mapping in Suså river basin

A general and specific mapping of vulnerable areas related to groundwater based water supply is carried out in the Suså river basin based on field and desk investigations.
Denmark, 2004-2005

A framework for using leaching test for non-volatile organic compounds

The main objective of this project was to develop a guidance document on selecting appropriate leaching methods for evaluating the leaching properties for non-volatile organic compounds from waste and contaminated soil and on interpreting leaching test results for impact assessment.
Denmark, 2004-2005


The harbour of Esbjerg is situated in the Danish Wadden Sea of the North Sea that is characterised by high tidal variations with a high load of suspended sediments. This causes siltation of Esbjerg Harbour requiring yearly maintenance dredging of approximately 460,000 m³ of which 40,000 m³ is too contaminated to be dumped into the Wadden Sea. The harbour has proposed that a confined disposal site with an area of 26 hectare and a volume of 520,000 m³ should be constructed at the shallow part of the Wadden Sea in the harbour area. This site will have a capacity for about 20 years of disposal. The surplus water will be discharged to the sea. DHI is preparing an EIA and an application for the environmental license for the project. A mathematical model has been set-up concerning discharge of contaminants (heavy metals, antifouling agents and organic pollutants like PAH) from the disposal site. It includes a physical model describing the dispersal of pollutants from all pollution sources in the area so that the impact on the environment from all sources can be assessed. Based on the model an ecotoxicological assessment of the impact from the present situation and with the impacts from the discharge from the confined disposal site has been carried out.
Denmark, 2003-2006

Determination and Comparison of degradation rates for petroleum hydrocarbons specific for the Halskov site

Development and improvement of tools for investigation and risk assessment of groundwater contamination from petroleum hydrocarbons.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Udledning af vandkvalitetskriterier (VKK) til danske amter

Derivation of Water Quality Standards (WQS) for 15 organic substances and barium. The organic substances were selected on the basis of their occurrence in wastewater samples from Danish WWTPs.
Denmark, 2003-2004

ABC vurderinger af stoffer i bilvaskeprodukter til Miljøstyrelsens hjemmeside

ABC evaluations of substances in products used by the carwash industry. The results are going to be published at the Danish EPA Website every six months.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Human bioaccessibility of selected soil contaminants

Establishment and application of test for human bio-accessibility of cadmium, lead, nickel, benzo(a)pyrene and dibenz(a,h)anthracene in 7 contaminated soils.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Danish implementation of the criteria for acceptance of waste at landfills

Assistance to the Danish EPA in the implementation of the new criteria for landfilling into Danish legislation. Adjustment and application of the rist assessment model used by the TAC to Danish conditions.
Denmark, 2003-2005

Kildesporing ved fænotypisk karakterisering af Enterokokker

Bacterial source tracking in recreational water by phenotyping.
Denmark, 2003

Catchment modelling of N load to Ringkøbing Fiord

The catchment N load to Ringkøbing Fiord has to decrease in order to maintain the ecological status of the Fiord. An advanced, integrated flow and transport model based on MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 is developed and used to assess the impact of various changes in the catchment to the Fiord.
Denmark, 2003

Mini marked survey of water quality testing

Performance of a mini marked survey identifying applications, determining requirements, estimating market size and identifying competing technologies in preparation for the development of a sensor for detection of microbial quality in water.
Denmark, 2003

Additives to petroleum products

Available information on additives to gasoline and diesel is compiled as first approach to establishing an early warning of new additives with potential for contamination of soil and groundwater.
Denmark, 2003

Leaching of DOC from waste materials

Leaching of DOC from waste materials are determined by different methods and compared to regulatory requirements in the landfill directive. Methods for DOC-leaching and DOC-analysis are compared and recommendations concerning choise of methods are given.
Finland, 2004

Institutional strengthening for EU implementation of requirements on GMO, IPPC, eliminate change (GHG) and chemicals

Assistance on implementation of EU requirements on chemicals, genetic modified organisms (GMO), BAT (best available technology and integrated pollution prevention and control, climatic change (Green House Gasses, GHG). The project includes transposition of legal acts, development of institutional structures, training, conduction of demonstration projects and general development of policies.
Lithuania, 2003-2004

Modelling of steam remediation, STRESOIL

Design of steam injection test site and advice on modelling of steam injection as a remediation measure.
Poland, 2004-2006

Environmental Impact Asessment for Disposal of Drilling Mud

EIA on impacts from drilling mud and drill cuttings in the Manifa bay area, where more than 20 new oil drilling sites will be stablished from 2009.
Saudi Arabia, 2008-2009

Testing of Models for Risk Assessment under Swedish Conditions

Alternative model codes for risk assessment will be tested for two sites in Sweden. The model codes include advanced and simple codes and recommendations on the different approaches have been developed.
Sweden, 2005-2006

Nuclear Waste modelling

The spreading of nuclear waste contaminated groundwater to a wetland and to surface water bodies in a discharge area in Sweden will be investigated through the application of an integrated hydrological model.
Sweden, 2005

Review of solute transport models

Groundwater solute transport models for risk analyses is being reviewed in order to propose which models to use for risk assessment under various conditions.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Investigation and sampling strategies for contaminated sites

Development of strategies for sampling and investigation of contaminated sites.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Environmental assessment of phosphogypsum island

Assessment of the status of leaching from phosphogypsum island in Øresund near Landskrona. The work includes both field studies, lab testing and modelling.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Methodology for leaching tests and bioaccessibility tests as tools for risk assessment of contaminated soil

Leaching tests are useful tools for risk assessment of contaminated soil. Guidelines for use and interpretation of leaching tests and other soil tests are prepared.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Turkey Institutional Building and access to Information

The project will enable Turkey to achieve a high level of env. protection and compliance with the EU environmental information directives. This will be achieved through institutional building and development of an Environmental Information System.
Turkey, 2004-2005

CONCAWE Assessment

CONCAWE risk assessment related to the oil installations in EU and groundwater. The project is related to the new draft EU Daughter Directive on groundwater. Task 1&2 include collection of information on existing data in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
United Kingdom, 2005

Arsenic contamination in Vietnam

Investigation of the mobilisation of arsenic and the relation to the dynamic interaction between surface water and groundwater in the Red River Plain, Vietnam.
Vietnam, 2004-2007
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