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Monitoring and Information Technology

SCA FLOOD WATCH Installation

Installation of Flood Watch for Sydney catchment Authority
Australia, 2005-2006

Design of Groundwater Monitoring System in Burkina Faso

Identification and evaluation of existing ground water monitoring data, including inspection of existing monitoring wells. Establishing of ground water database with link to GIS. Design of future national ground water monitoring network and procedures for collection, transfer, storage, analyse and presentation of results.
Burkina Faso, 2007-2008

Songhua Flood Management and Forecasting Project

Flood management and forecasting, decision support system, web technology, ArcGIS SDE, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, DHI Software
China, 2004-2005

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM) Training Course

A 5-day course designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course also introduces the RIAM method for EIA.
Cuba, 2003

Cost saving measures in natural colour production

Mapping of production processes to identify possible cost saving measures for water use and wastewater emission. The result of the project is a catalogue describing and evaluating cost saving technologies and methodologies.
Danmark, 2004-2005

Monitoring at pumping stations in Herlev Municipality

Monitoring of wastewater at two pumping stations in Herlev Municipality, which receive wastewater from a separate sewer system and a combined sewer system respectively. Characterisation includes heavy metals and hazardous substances. The purpose is to point out efforts to improve regulation of pollution sources.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Additives to petroleum products

Available information on additives to gasoline and diesel is compiled as first approach to establishing an early warning of new additives with potential for contamination of soil and groundwater.
Denmark, 2003

FEHY Monitoring System Operation

Design, deployment and operation of three online monitoring stations and ten offline monitoring stations
Denmark-Germany, 2008-2012

TEMPUS programme, New Curriculum for GIS training, Egypt

The project is aiming at building up a new curriculum of GIS training at the Ain Shams University in Cairo. The project includes overseas training at the Technical University of Braunschweig for a number of teachers from the Egyptian university. Further, exchange of students between Germany, Denmark and Egypt will also be given scholarships to study abroad to strengthen the GIS abilities.
Egypt, 2003-2006

Organic waste from the food industry

Environmental Audits are carried out to map the emission of organic waste from food processing industries in Greenland. Based on the Environmental Audits, technologies for wastewater and waste treatment are identified.
Greenland, 2004-2005

KWSP-II MB Training

DHI has carried out an extensive MIKE BASIN on-the-job training programme for all six regions of the Water Resources Management Authority in Kenya. It included data handling, water resources assessment and water allocation modelling, using Temporal Analyst Enterprise and MIKE BASIN.
Kenya, 2008-2009

Exchange of and Access to Information

Assess the required and available data and information on the water resources, quality and quantity, and the uses of water in Incomati and Maputo Basins, and development management information systems linked GIS for enhancing the data exchange flow.
Mozambique, 2008-2010

Hydrographic Data Collection for Q-ChemII

Installation of equipment off-shore and on-shore. Collection of hydrograhic survey data. Data processing, presentation and reporting. Client: Daewoo E&C Ltd.
Qatar, 2006

Investigation and sampling strategies for contaminated sites

Development of strategies for sampling and investigation of contaminated sites.
Sweden, 2004-2005

Turkey Institutional Building and access to Information

The project will enable Turkey to achieve a high level of env. protection and compliance with the EU environmental information directives. This will be achieved through institutional building and development of an Environmental Information System.
Turkey, 2004-2005

Walney Offshore Wind Farm

Design, procurement and installation of equipment. Data collection, quality assurance and presentation in real time on the WEB Service on instrumentation. Client: Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarm Ltd.
United Kingdom, 2010-2012

CONCAWE Assessment

CONCAWE risk assessment related to the oil installations in EU and groundwater. The project is related to the new draft EU Daughter Directive on groundwater. Task 1&2 include collection of information on existing data in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
United Kingdom, 2005
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