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N America

Ocean Cay LNG and LPG Terminal, Phase II

Numerical wave modelling and morphological modelling of the stability of gravel beaches
Bahamas, 2005

Ocean Cay LNG and LPG Terminal

Numerical wave modelling and morphological modelling of the stability of gravel beaches
Bahamas, 2003-2004

Manitoba Hydro Training

Training and support to Manitoba Hydro to assist their transition to DHI technology in general and specifically within the Conawapa Hydro Power Plant EIA
Canada, 2005

Ice Module MIKE 11

Development and implementation of ice simulation modules for Ice Generation and Ice Jam into MIKE 11
Canada, 2003-2004

Numerical Analyses of a Labyrinth Weir

The objective of the project was to study the performance of a proposed labyrinth weir in Mexico. A 2D/3D NS3 model was developed and applied in order to determine a QH relation of the flow structure and pressure distribution on the weir walls.
Mexico, 2007-2008

Keppel FELS MSSAU-1 Semi-Submersible Platform - Model Tests

Calibration of environmental conditions (waves and current) for physical model tests with Keppel Fels MSSAU-1 Semi-submersible platform carried out by FORCE Technology at DHI's 3D Offshore Facility.
Mexico, 2004

Oil Spill North of Trinidad

Estimation of spreading of oil spill from an offshore location north of Trinidad.
Trinidad & Tobago, 2005

San Diego County Flood Forecasting

Real-time flood forecasting for flood warning in San Diego, CA.
USA, 2008-2011

South Florida Forecasting Pilot - Big Cypress Basin

A real-time flood forecasting and monitoring system using MIKE FLOODWATCH & MIKE SHE for the Big Cypress Basin. South Florida Water Management District.
USA, 2007-2008

Mississippi East Bank Breach Analyses

This project focuses on dynamic simulation of a potential failure of the east bank on the Mississippi River Corridor near Greenville. Thousands of hydraulically constrictions requires a multi dimensional hydraulic model that uses 1D channels coupled to a 2D flood plain model
USA, 2006


MIKE SHE support in developing an integrated surface water/groundwater model for an agricultural area in the southern part of Florida, USA.
USA, 2005

Forecasting of Selenium in the Delta Mendota Canal, Ca, USA

Set-up of a hydrodynamic/water quality MIKE 11 model for the Delta Mendota Canal.
USA, 2004-2005

Tampa Bay 3D Model

The projects comprise set-up of a MIKE 3 FM, finite volume model with 3D hydrodynamic module, fine sediment transport module and ecological module based on ECO-Lab of Tampa Bay. Hydrodynamic model. Set-up of a 3D hydrodynamic model, including salt and temperature transport.
USA, 2004

South Boulder Creek Flood Analysis

*Hydrologic, Hydraulic Modeling *Flood Inundation Modeling and Mapping * GIS
USA, 2003-2004
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