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NS3 Model, Hunter Water Pumping Station

The project goals were to develop a 3D NS3 Flow Model for the upgrade work for Balickera pumping station, located approximately 30km northwest of Newcastle, Australia.
Australia, 2007

Sydney Desalination Review

Based on its worldwide competencies within assessment of environmental impacts for power and desalination plants, DHI has been selected by Sydney Water to act as Indedpendent Expert in their review of the design and monitoring programme for their planned 500 mega-litre per day reverse osmosis desalination plant in Sydney South. The 300 mill. USD plant has intake of seawater and submerged discharge of seaweater concentrate in the Tasman Sea near Sydney's eastern beaches. The review involves assessment of the outfall and intake design, oceanographic monitoring programmes, numerical modelling and laboratory experiments.
Australia, 2006

Stone Mobility, Port Phillip Bay Entrance

Rock material left over from the dredging of Port Phillip Bay may be transported along the seabed by wave and current action. DHI has calculated the movement of the rock material and suggested methods to prevent the rocks from migrating into the nearby environmentally sensitive deep canyon. Furthermore, DHI has suggested dredging methods which may reduce the rock migration.
Australia, 2006

Woodside, Pluto LNG Project

The flow reduction inside the trench for the Pluto offshore gas pipelines is determined by NS3. A range of trench widths, trench wall side slopes, and locations along the route have been modelled. The results have been analysed given a reduction factor on the near bed current speed and poor bed orbital velocity.
Australia, 2005-2006

SCA FLOOD WATCH Installation

Installation of Flood Watch for Sydney catchment Authority
Australia, 2005-2006

Otway Gas Pipeline

The design wave-current induced hydrodynamic forces on the Otway Gas Pipeline were calculated by NS3. The pipeline consists of a main pipeline and a piggyback. Various pipeline-piggyback geometries were analysed.
Australia, 2004

Opotiki MIKE 21C Confluence Morphological Modelling

Application of MIKE 21C for design of a bend cut channel at the confluence of Waioeka River and Otara River in Opotiki, New Zealand. The design criteria for the bend cut channel were to reduce the water level 13 cm with the minimum morphological impact.
New Zealand, 2009

Environment Waikato Flood Forecasting System

Real-time flood forecasting, MIKE FLOOD WATCH, MIKE 11 DA, WWW
New Zealand, 2004-2005

Bangui Bay Windfarm

Coastal and river study for protection of windmills in Bangui Bay, Philippines. Continuation of Project No 53499.
Philippines, 2005

Taravao Bay Circulation Study

As part of the assessment of the environmental impacts of a planned extension of the port of Taravao, Tahiti, is developed a hydrodynamic-, sediment- and biological model of the reef surrounding the bay. The model is set-up using MIKE FM
Tahiti, 2004-2005

BWSC Oil separation

Assessment of the efficiency of an enlargement of an existing oily water treatment system in relation to comply with effluent discharge demands
The Azores, 2004
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