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Urban Water Utilities

SCA FLOOD WATCH Installation

Installation of Flood Watch for Sydney catchment Authority
Australia, 2005-2006

Songhua Flood Management and Forecasting Project

Flood management and forecasting, decision support system, web technology, ArcGIS SDE, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, DHI Software
China, 2004-2005

CRES - Centre for Regional change in the Earth System

Centre for Regional change in the Earth System (CRES)
Denmark, 2010-2014

Flooding in Greve caused by high sea levels in K°ge Bay.

MIKE FLOOD modelling of Greve
Denmark, 2008-2010

Climate change impact on flooding in Greve

Development of the modelling framework for calculation of Flood risk in Greve city
Denmark, 2008-2009

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Isefjord catchment

The project includes an evaluation of the pressures and the status of the environmental conditions in the Isefjord catchment as well as a screening of possible measures and their impact in connection with the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.
Denmark, 2007

Water Framework Directive Implementation

Facilitation of the implementation of the water framework directive in the Roskilde Fiord catchment through formulation of measures to reduce the pressure on the fiord.
Denmark, 2007

Clean Water in River M°lleň

Lake and stream restoration assessment and effect evaluation of discharging treated sewage in the river system. Technical and financial assessments.
Denmark, 2007

Impact of climate changes in Greve municipality

Impact from long term climate changes on groundwater levels in a coastal area is investigated through scenario modelling using MIKE SHE. Risk for leakage into sewer systems and buildings is also assessed.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Grit Removal at Lynetten Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hydraulic model and description of grit removal at Lynetten Wastewater Treatment Plant (750,000 PE)
Denmark, 2005

Screw Pump, Aars Water Purifying Plant

In a desk study DHI evaluated possible air inflow into the submerged pumps.
Denmark, 2005

Modelling Activities for Capacity Planning in the Catchment Area of Wastewater Centre Avedoere (Western Copenhagen)

MIKE URBAN modelling studies for a large urban catchment with combined and separated sewer networks
Denmark, 2005-2008

Treatment of leachate from a deposit containing polluted soil and leachate from bung filling

The evaluated treatment technologies were two-stage precipitation, biological filter, adsorption on activated carbon, combined adsorption and biological treatment. Advantages and disadvantages were included in the assessments. The most critical parameters were metals and PAH.
Denmark, 2004

Ballerup - MIKE URBAN models for Water Distribution, Waste Water and Storm Water Collection Systems

Building of hydraulic models for Water supply network, sanitary sewer and storm water system. The models are build in MIKE NET and MOUSE, but will as part of the project be merged into MIKE Urban.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Copenhagen - Online Model of Water Distribution Network

Online use of a stategic model of the all main pipes in the water distribution network in Copenhagen - incl. Transport pipes from the 7 water works situated up to 40 km outside the city.
Denmark, 2003-2004

Pre-Feasibility Study with the Master Plan of the Belgrade Sewerage System

Feasibility study with the master plan for the sewerage system serving 1,5 million people in the city of Belgrade, Serbia
Serbia, 2008-2009

Conceptual design of water treatment facility

Outline design, Flow and PI-diagrams, and cost estimations on budget level for water treatment plant on brewery.
Sri Lanka, 2003

Environmental Assessment of wastewater discharge from airports

An evaluation of environmental effects from emission of wastewater from Nordic airports is being carried out as part of the project. The wastewater occurs when aircraft and runways are de-iced, and when aircraft are cleaned. The project screens the best available technologies for treatment and reuse of wastewater. A network of environmental managers is established and as a result of the project, a large-scale R&D programme is designed.
Sweden, 2003

Bangkok Flood Forecasting

Setup and customisation of the MIKE 11 hydrological and hydraulic models. Employment of MIKE 11 the data assimilation module for forecasting purposes. Setup and customisation of MIKE FLOODWATCH
Thailand, 2004-2005

Climate Change Adaptation Case Studies for IDB

Good-practice guidelines for climate change adaptation elaborated through quantitative and applicable case studies focusing on issues like droughts, glacier retreat, sea-level rise and storm water drainage. Dissemination of the results through workshops.
Uruguay, Peru, Equador, Trinidad & Tobacco, 2011-2012
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