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Water Management

Integrated Water Resources Management in the Kabul River Basin

Integrated Water Resources Management project in the Kabul River Basin is financed by the Ministry of Energy, Iran. It consists, among other things, of the following elements: 1) Water resources assessment including assessment of the water availability in time and space and the water demands in the different sectors, 2) Setting up a river basin model for the basin, and 3) Proposal for future water development projects to meet the water requirements by different water users in the basin. The latter involves simulation and optimization of a number of scenarios based on proposed projects and development options.
Afghanistan, 2003-2005

SCA FLOOD WATCH Installation

Installation of Flood Watch for Sydney catchment Authority
Australia, 2005-2006

Barind area irrigation model

In order to optimise groundwater and surface water use for irrigation purposes a groundwater model as well as a management information system is developed covering the Barind area. Among other issues the system is used to investigate the impact on the water balance from installation of a number of deep tubewells in the area.
Bangladesh, 2006

Leie-Bovenschelde Rreal-time Flood Forecasting System

Upgrading of MIKE 11 RR/HD model for forecasting purposes and provision of FLOOD WATCH system
Belgium, 2005-2007

Dender, Demer and Grensmas on-line Flood Forecasting Models

MIKE FLOODWATCH, data assimilation, updating, MIKE 11 flood forecasting, training
Belgium, 2004-2005

Okavango Delta Management Plan

The project will provide input to the Okavango Delta Management Plan through the implementation of a comprehensive integrated hydrologic model of the entire data, employing MIKE SHE and MIKE 11; and support to data management, long-term research, knowledge dissemination and public participation.
Botswana, 2003-2006

Design of Groundwater Monitoring System in Burkina Faso

Identification and evaluation of existing ground water monitoring data, including inspection of existing monitoring wells. Establishing of ground water database with link to GIS. Design of future national ground water monitoring network and procedures for collection, transfer, storage, analyse and presentation of results.
Burkina Faso, 2007-2008

Mekong Basin Development Plan Phase 2 - Reformulation

Reformulation of second phase of the Mekong Basin Development Plan with a view to reach an agreement with the Mekong River Commission on the (i) overall objective, strategy and content of BDP2, (ii) strategy and modalities for continued Danish and other donor cooperation with MRC on the BDP and (iii) the alignment of the BDP with MRC's overall strategic plan.
Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam, 2006

Songhua Flood Management and Forecasting Project

Flood management and forecasting, decision support system, web technology, ArcGIS SDE, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, DHI Software
China, 2004-2005

Carrying Capacity of Water Resources in HaiHe Basin

The GIS based MIKE BASIN model was established and used for optimization of the water utilization. Methods were developed for estimation of the needed water quantity and quality for protection of the environment. Evaluation of trade-off between water for environmental protection and for urban/industrial/agricultural development interests.
China, 2003-2004

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (RIAM) Training Course

A 5-day course designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course also introduces the RIAM method for EIA.
Cuba, 2003

Århus Nord - well protection zones for groundwater pumping scenarios and updated hydrogeological model

The MIKE SHE - MIKE 11model system was applied to make an environmental impact assessment of new groundwater pumping scenarios. An existing integrated hydrological model previously developed of DHI was updated and extended. New capture zone delineations were used by the client in well field protection plans.
Denmark, 2009

Impact assessment of new well field locations and groundwater abstractions

The MIKE SHE - MIKE 11model system was applied to make an environmental impact assessment of several new well field locations and groundwater abstraction levels. An existing numerical model was adapted to the Lemming area outside Århus and three scenarios were tested.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Flooding in Greve caused by high sea levels in Køge Bay.

MIKE FLOOD modelling of Greve
Denmark, 2008-2010

Seminar for Danida Environment Advisors

DHI planned, facilitated and reported on a seminar for Danida Environment advisors. The purpose of the seminar was knowledge sharing on the status of environment assistance and mainstreaming and good governance in relation to the environment.
Denmark, 2008

Enlargement of Copenhagen Harbour, Input to the EIA

EIA of a harbour enlargement in Copenhagen. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

Drainage of a coastal, agricultural catchment influenced by climate change

Investigation of flooding in the Gerå coastal,agricultural catchment using the integrated groundwater and surface water modelling tools MIKE SHE and MIKE 11.
Denmark, 2008-2009

New Coal Pier at Stigsnæs Power Plant. Input to the EIA

EIA for extension of the coal terminal at Stigsnæs power plant. Extensive use of modelling for the assessments.
Denmark, 2008-2009

MIKE SHE assistance, MC Roskilde

MC Roskilde needs an integrated modelling tool for a range of water management tasks addressing both surface water, ground water and the interaction between the groundwater aquifers and streams. The tool must be dynamic and distributed. MC Roskilde has decided to develop the tool on the existing national water resources model with major inputs from DHI. The MIKE SHE / MIKE11 modeling system developed by DHI is applied. The extended and calibrated model is developed to support both regional scale and local scale models ranging from 25 m to 500 m in spatial resolution.
Denmark, 2007

Water Framework Directive Implementation

Facilitation of the implementation of the water framework directive in the Roskilde Fiord catchment through formulation of measures to reduce the pressure on the fiord.
Denmark, 2007

Clean Water in River Mølleå

Lake and stream restoration assessment and effect evaluation of discharging treated sewage in the river system. Technical and financial assessments.
Denmark, 2007

ETC/WATER (54392-01)

As a member of the European Topic Centre of Water, DHI assists the European Environmental Agency in activities related to marine assessments, hazardous substances, linkages between agriculture and water quality, threats to small water bodies and water accounts.
Denmark, 2007-2010

Studstrupværket - 2. phase

Evaluation of the environmental impact from increased groundwater pumping.
Denmark, 2006-2007

Groundwater vulnerability mapping, Hvidebæk

The first phase in the groundwater vulnerability mapping includes collection and review of existing documents and data from the area as well as development of conceptual models for geology, hydrogeology, hydrology and groundwater chemistry.
Denmark, 2006

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden

Evaluation of N-sensitive zones in the catchment area to Limfjorden in Denmark using integrated groundwater-surface water modelling (MIKE SHE/MIKE 11).
Denmark, 2005-2006

Well-field and water resources management in the Hove å river basin west of Copehagen

New permits for the well-fields of the Copenhagen water company will be based on principles of sustainability in relation to the groundwater resource itself and also river quality and nature protection in general. (as also included in the EU Water Framework Directive, WFD) In the project area (Nybølle) west of Copenhagen there are many important wetlands and for the rivers quality criteria include that the are habitats for fish. In the project DHI Wate & Environment has used their groundwater-surface water model complex (MIKE SHE -MIKE 11) to evaluate the dry season river flow in the Hove Å river basin and the groundwater level in the wetland areas.
Denmark, 2005

Integrated Ground Water River Model in Frederiksborg County

Develop a MIKE 11 river model and link to an existing MODFLOW groundwater model, which is converted to MIKE SHE. Use to model to benchmark against the MODFLOW model to examine the effect of using an integrated groundwater-river model.
Denmark, 2005

Groundwater vulnerability mapping, Assens

Model recalibration based on an analyses of calibration data and automatic calibration. Simulation of groundwater recharge areas and capture zones for selected water works.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Skive Fiord Catchment Model

An integrated surface water and groundwater model coupled to a reactive transport model is developed for Skibe Fiord Catchment in order to investigate the transport and attenuation of nitrate from agricultural activities in the catchment.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Model simulation Aarhus Nord, True Forest

Investigation of effects on river flow and groundwater table introducing a new wellfield in True Skov. Simulation using an existing model.
Denmark, 2004

Groundwater vulnerability mapping and protection measures - Århus County, Southern part

Groundwater vulnerability mapping and protection measures are designed for an area in the Southern part of Århus County. DHI is responsible for hydrogeological modelling by developing and applying a groundwater model to evaluate water balances in the catchment.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Regional Groundwater Protection by optimised organic farming system

The project is set up to investigate whether some of the management steps that characterise organic farming systems can change both quantity and quality of the groundwater compared with conventional farming. This particular concerns hydraulic parameters and dissolved organic carbon from the plough layer, which may promote a DOC-driven denitrification of leached nitrate in the subsoil.
Denmark, 2004-2005

Assistance til DTC med Access database

Assistance in converting an Access 2000 database to a Access-97 database and in modifying certain functions in the database.
Denmark, 2003

Danish Water Environment Plan III

Various measures to reduce nutrient load to Odense Fiord are evaluated through the development of an integrated surface water and groundwater model. The model is based on the MIKE SHE and MIKE 11 modelling codes.
Denmark, 2003

Nile Basin Climate Change

The objective of this project is to assist the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt to assess the impact of climate change on the water resources in the Nile Basin and in particular the inflow to the High Aswan Dam (HAD).
Egypt, 2008-2010

TEMPUS programme, New Curriculum for GIS training, Egypt

The project is aiming at building up a new curriculum of GIS training at the Ain Shams University in Cairo. The project includes overseas training at the Technical University of Braunschweig for a number of teachers from the Egyptian university. Further, exchange of students between Germany, Denmark and Egypt will also be given scholarships to study abroad to strengthen the GIS abilities.
Egypt, 2003-2006

Hydraulic study for GIFT Project

DHI carried out a modelling study for a planned Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT) between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. The study involved determination of design flood levels, design of barrages to create a waterfront at the GIFT City through hydrological and hydraulic modelling, a study of the potential sedimentation problems associated with the barrages, water quality issues and the drainage system around the city.
India, 2008-2009

Real-Time Modelling of the Aras River and Establishment of DSS system of the Aras River Basin

Establishment of snowmelt, rainfall- runoff and water allocation modelling of the 100,000 km'2 Aras Basin, shared between Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Implementation of a Decision Support System for infrastructure operation to serve the various water users.
Iran, 2004-2005

Shahid Abbaspour Report Review

Review of three reports prepared by Lahmeyer International for the Khuzestan Water & Power Authority on the optimal utilisation of the Shahid Abbaspour reservoir on the Karun River
Iran, 2004

Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Kenya

The two key objectives of the project are 1) to provide a better knowledge foundation of possible future climate change and its impact on the water resources. 2) to prepare a modelling tool which WRMA can use to support the planning of adaptation measures.
Kenya, 2010-2012

KWSP-II MB Training

DHI has carried out an extensive MIKE BASIN on-the-job training programme for all six regions of the Water Resources Management Authority in Kenya. It included data handling, water resources assessment and water allocation modelling, using Temporal Analyst Enterprise and MIKE BASIN.
Kenya, 2008-2009

Water and Energy - Knowledge sharing on sustainable development of hydropower in the lower Mekong region (2010)

The purpose of this activity was to improve knowledge sharing on hydropower and its impacts on environment and communities in the Lower Mekong Basin. Mapping of hydropower research in the countries were discussed at a workshop in Laos.
Laos, Mekong region, 2010

Tools for Groundwater and Surface Water Analysis during Implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Implementation of model tools for surface and groundwater analysis using MIKE 11, MIKE BASIN and MIKE SHE. Assessment of water quality in line with the requirements in the EU Water Framework Directive.
Lithuania, 2003-2004

Sandakan District Stormwater Management Drainage Master Plan and Drainage Improvement Study

Drainage MastePlan
Malaysia, 2009-2011

Exchange of and Access to Information

Assess the required and available data and information on the water resources, quality and quantity, and the uses of water in Incomati and Maputo Basins, and development management information systems linked GIS for enhancing the data exchange flow.
Mozambique, 2008-2010

Panama Canal Basin Extreme Flows

An integrated and distributed hydrological model in combination with a dynamic river hydraulics model has been developed for risk assessment considering dam operation rules and 1,000 years stochastic rainfall time series.
Panama, 2008-2010

Management plan for Lac de Guiers, Senegal

Lake Guiers is the most important fresh water resource in Senegal and located in the upstream part of the Senegal delta area in the northern Senegal more than 200 km from the capital Dakar. In connection with increased abstraction of water from the lake to the capital DHI is assisting the national and local authorities in establishing a management plan for the lake.
Senegal, 2004-2005

Multi-sector Water Resources Planning Project Sri Lanka

Water resources planning project implementing a nation-wide DSS with a GIS based Knowledge Base for water resources data and water allocation models. The DSS facilitates identification, evaluation and prioritization of water resources investment projects.
Sri Lanka, 2009

Animation of groundwater processes

An interactive animation tool for presentation of groundwater processes such as recharge, flow, draw down, transport of pollutants and saltwater intrusion is developed as part of training programme for groundwater managers.
Sri Lanka, 2006

Promoting climate change adaptation and reducing vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa

The CC DARE programme provides demand-driven technical and financial support to Sub-Saharan African countries. The support is aimed at removing barriers and creating opportunities for integrating climate change adaptation into national development planning and decision-making frameworks.
Sub-Saharan Africa, 2008-2011

Catchment deliniation of a large number of lakes

In connection with the Water Framework Directive DHI carry out a detailed GIS analyses of the cathcments for a large number of lakes in the Northern Sweden.
Sweden, 2006

Flood Modelling and Management for ESAN River Basin

Short and Medium Term Flood Forecasting and Management plus Water allocation modelling. Developed in a MIKE Customized environment.
Thailand, 2013-2014

Flood Management and Forecast Modelling for Greater Chaophraya River Basin

Water management system is based on MIKE Customised adapted to meet specific user requirements.The system incorporates a range of MIKE by DHI models.
Thailand, 2012-2013

Wang Flood Forecasting and Warning project

Setup of hydrological and hydraulic MIKE 11 forecasting models. Set-up and installation of MIKE FLOOD WATCH.
Thailand, 2009

Nakhon Sri Thammarat Flood Forecasting and Warning Project

Software and services
Thailand, 2009-2011

CHI-MUN Telemetry Project for DWR

Real-time flood forecasting, MIKE 11, MIKE FLOOD WATCH, data assimilation, GIS, web
Thailand, 2006-2007

Turkey Institutional Building and access to Information

The project will enable Turkey to achieve a high level of env. protection and compliance with the EU environmental information directives. This will be achieved through institutional building and development of an Environmental Information System.
Turkey, 2004-2005

Lake Kyora Restoration

The Kyoga Lake on the Equatorial Nile has been blocked by floating islands of detached vegetation. DHI is responsible for establishment of lake water balances and detailed hydraulic analyses of dredging scenarios that will result in the most appropriate future lake water levels.
Uganda, 2006-2007

CONCAWE Assessment

CONCAWE risk assessment related to the oil installations in EU and groundwater. The project is related to the new draft EU Daughter Directive on groundwater. Task 1&2 include collection of information on existing data in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
United Kingdom, 2005

Climate Change Adaptation Case Studies for IDB

Good-practice guidelines for climate change adaptation elaborated through quantitative and applicable case studies focusing on issues like droughts, glacier retreat, sea-level rise and storm water drainage. Dissemination of the results through workshops.
Uruguay, Peru, Equador, Trinidad & Tobacco, 2011-2012


MIKE SHE support in developing an integrated surface water/groundwater model for an agricultural area in the southern part of Florida, USA.
USA, 2005

Sea Level Rise Scenarios and Possible Disaster Risk Reductions in Vietnam

Support to IMHEN on developing decision support tools to mitigate impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. Sea Level Rise Scenarios and vulnerability assessments covering shorelines, habitats, natural resources, sector economies and social factors.
Vietnam, 2008-2010

Climate change impacts on Water resources in Vietnam

Quantification of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of all major river basins in Vietnam.
Vietnam, 2008-2010


DHI is assisting the Hydrometeorological Institute to assess and explore the potential of small scale hydropower for contributing to CC mitigation, generate CC adaptation benefits and support rural development using the northern Lao Cai province as a pilot case.
Vietnam, 2007-2008

Song Bung hydropower project

As a component of the Song Bung hydropower project includes technical assistance on hydrology, hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the upstream basin of the dam area. DHI carried out hydrological and hydrodynamic assessments to support the project implementation.
Vietnam, 2005-2006

Dak Lak Groundwater Hydrology study

An existing hydrological model covering the Dak Lak plateau in Vietnam will be updated and used for scenario analyses of impact of land use changes on the water balance in the basin.
Vietnam, 2004-2005

Verification of feasibility studies for Lanh Ra, Cay Sung and Dai Son Irrigation schemes in Ninh Thuan and Binh Dinh province

The project consists of two studies: 1) verification of the feasibility study of the Lahn Ra irrigation scheme and 2) investigation of the possibility and costs for rehabilitation of two irrigation schemes in the Binh Dinh province.
Vietnam, 2004
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