Easily assess and manage a vessel’s biosecurity risk like never before

Vessel-Check: Cloud-based aquatic biosecurity decision support tool

Invasive marine pests, often introduced to marine environments through vessel’s are a threat to the biosecurity of maritime industries – and the economic impact could be substantial. Furthermore, responding to this risk in a timely and efficient manner is difficult.
Vessel-Check completely transforms the way regulators and vessel operators assess their aquatic biosecurity risk in line with International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) guidelines. The portal provides an easily accessible globally centralised ‘point of truth’ for all aquatic biosecurity information through a user-friendly web application.


The cost of eradicating marine pests after they have infiltrated a marine environment is far higher than preventing their invasion in the first place.

Imagine having access to near real-time information of potential inbound biosecurity risk, leading to improved decision-making, dynamic and efficient allocation of resources, and accurate information for secure sharing.

Risk methodology aligned with IMO guidelines

Vessel-Check assesses whether a vessel’s aquatic biosecurity management is sufficient to mitigate the transfer of invasive marine species to as low as reasonably practicable.

Near real-time automated risk assessment

Vessel arrival data is updated frequently, providing an up-to-date forecast of the potential aquatic biosecurity risk for vessels entering your jurisdiction.

User-friendly interface with intuitive workflows

The portal can be used easily by anyone in the marine industry: regulators, vessel operators/owners and service providers – no special expertise is needed.

Centralised data management and sharing

Store all relevant vessel aquatic biosecurity information within the portal, allowing; sharing and re-use of information across stakeholders, easy transmission/download when needed (i.e. Biofouling Record Book, Biofouling Management Plan, Biofouling Risk Assessment Summary Report, Antifouling Coating Certificates, Relevant Documentation etc.)


Customise risk parameters and documentation in accordance with your regulations. Automate notifications for reports and management actions. Setup and manage your own Users. Auto-populate and output your own forms and documentation.

Dredging operation

Forecast spill plumes for the following days and use results for proactive management of spill impacts

User friendly interface

The straightforward and easy-to-use interface makes the online platform attractive for non-modelling experts

Based on state-of-the-art models

The hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and shading effect on bottom vegetation are modelled using MIKE Powered by DHI’s cloud-optimised computational engines

Significant savings

Today, the process of modelling impacts from sediment spills is costly and time consuming. With a subscription to DHI PlumeCast, you can significantly reduce the time and costs on your application for approval.

Why Vessel-Check

Watch this video to see why Vessel-Check is the answer to smarter biofouling risk management
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Key application areas

Vessel-Check can be used in:
  • Biofouling risk assessments
  • Managing a fleet’s aquatic biosecurity practices & data
  • Optimisation of resources based on risk
  • Inter-jurisdictional information sharing
  • Analysis of historic risk trends
  • Analysis of biosecurity risk response

Get started!

Regulators – Vessel-Check is easy to use. Once your ports are set up, in just a few simple steps you can see vessel arrivals, their automatic risk score, interrogate their information and communicate with the vessel.

Vessel Operators – Vessel-Check is FREE & easy to use. The portal guides you through the process, creating a vessel profile with all of your aquatic biosecurity information. The profile is only accessible by regulators associated with your nominations and facilitates up-to-date record keeping saving you time and money.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments worldwide since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information.

Vessel-Check builds on the MIKE Powered by DHI’s powerful engines covering hydrodynamics, sediment and ecosystem dynamics engines and are trusted and recognised globally by water professionals.

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