Make critical water-related decisions in real-time

MIKE Mine: A robust, cloud-based, mine water management tool

Mines are dynamic environments where the physical behavior of systems can change daily. To get a complete and accurate picture of actual conditions, it’s important to consider not only conceptual and statistical models, but also real-time data.

MIKE Mine is an advanced decision support tool that creates a digital twin of your mining operation, and displays the most essential statistical water management data through a customisable dashboard. The inbuilt real-time monitoring, forecasting, scenario testing and reporting capabilities helps mine operators and owners save time and money on risk analysis.


The key to improving efficiency at a mine site is to build inter-connectivity and interoperability of data and information systems across organisational silos.

That’s where MIKE Mine comes in. By automatically connecting water data across systems and presenting it via a customisable visual interface, mine owners and operators now have the power to make faster decisions to boost operational efficiency. Plus, MIKE Mine’s intuitive design has proven to enhance the auditability of workflows.

Make operational decisions based on real-time information

MIKE Mine’s customisable dashboard tracks data from all water-related systems on your mine site and enables you to make decisions as soon as actionable levels are reached.

Rely on continually updated model forecasts ​

Support forward-looking decision-making by tapping into real-time data, used to update and rerun predictive models such as Goldsim or FEFLOW.

Customise MIKE Mine to fit your operation

Tailored calculations, simulations, and timely reports provide relevant information – whenever you need it.

Reconciliation using AI and machine learning

Get a complete picture of your mining operations through automated data analysis to reconcile planned versus actual outcomes.

Instantly access mine water data anywhere in the globe

Launch MIKE Mine directly from your internet browser and enjoy a simple, straightforward approach to mine-water management.


Get a preview of MIKE Mine’s highly visual user interface:

Key application areas

MIKE Mine can be used to:

  • View data from all water-related systems onsite
  • Monitor pore pressures, water levels and quality as well as discharges and freeboard
  • Reconcile real-world data with models and analytics
  • Quickly identify changes in site conditions and make decisions when actionable levels are reached

Get started!

MIKE Mine is easy to use and just a click away using DHI’s secure login platform through any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, MIKE Mine delivers instant access to site data and simulation results when decisions need to be made.

Contact us to start designing a fully customisable dashboard based on your mine site and data needs.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in urban, river, and coastal environments since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for better and actionable data and information.

MIKE Mine empowers mine owners and operators to make decisions with real-time information so that mine water operations continue to run at peak performance.

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