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Marine Animal Movement Portal

The Marine Animal Movement Portal is a web-based solution that simulates the behaviour of fish, seabirds and marine mammals and models their responses to stressors like underwater noise and oil spills.

With the portal, environmental issues can be identified early and throughout the project cycle. This can help build integrated mitigation solutions that ease environmental approval processes and reduce related scheduling and investment risks.

The Marine Animal Movement Portal can be applied to oil and gas exploration, offshore wind farm construction, shipping, dredging and other human activities.


Ecosystem-based management of human activities depends on us knowing the location of vulnerable species and how they respond to human impacts. Yet, this information is rarely available for animals that are free-ranging, such as seabirds and marine mammals.

Imagine using a solution to help you plan activities in an environmentally sound manner. Here’s what you can expect with the Marine Animal Movement Portal:

Early intervention and mitigation

The Marine Animal Movement Portal can identify risks earlier and more accurately compared to older technologies, so the industry can take more focused management measures.

Quicker environmental approval

Developers can now provide proof that prior assessment has been done to safeguard the well-being of vulnerable species, significantly speeding up the license approval process.

Reduced scheduling and investment risks

By modelling the environmental field, survey efforts are much more targeted, resulting in lower costs and reduced risks in scheduling and investment.

Stakeholder accountability

The Marine Animal Movement Portal enables you to convey environmental awareness to local communities, and further the dialogue with national authorities and non-profit organisations.

worldwide access

Launches directly from your internet browser. With no hardware to set up, accessibility is simple, straightforward and available quickly for everyone.

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Watch the demonstration of the Marine Animal Movement Portal and discover how to perform simulations of marine animals’ behaviour and movements.

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Why choose the Marine Animal Movement Portal?

Conventional risk assessments are static, meaning they do not factor in the movement of marine animals. However, we know that marine life is mobile and moves in relation to environmental variables and human impacts. Simulating these movements is at the heart of the Marine Animal Movement Portal.
So how does it work? The portal uses a combination of advanced dynamic habitat and agent-based modelling to provide a comprehensive description of the presence and movement of vulnerable species.
This new technology makes our models significantly more accurate than others and lets us provide a much more detailed spatial and temporal resolution of species presence and movements compared to other tools. It is particularly relevant when planning species-sensitive activities in the region.
client case

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For access to the MAMP portal in the Barents Sea*,
you have the following pricing options:


95 Monthly
  • Visualise data
  • Download data
  • Risk assessment: 95 € / scenario
  • Report generation: 45 € / scenario


1495 Monthly
  • Visualise data
  • Download data
  • Risk assessment: 1 per month
  • Report generation: 1 per month


2995 Monthly
  • Visualise data
  • Download data
  • Risk assessment: Unlimited
  • Report generation: Unlimited
*New regions will continuously be added

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